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We should admit basing on recent experience that programs had better not stay without attention for too long. Although, of course, there is no need to hurry. There are too many programs in the market these days, so it's better to wait for a market decline. Soon a few big players will be gone, and most likely small projects will start having problems after that.

However, unlike the past year, there are much more of good projects this year. Even one-day scams try to look respectable, although it is much more difficult to choose now and to determine the good ones. I hope you consider that in your strategy and try consider all risks, meaning try to hedge. Today I want to introduce you to MorelliBrothers, a project with daily payments and a nice design.

Frankly speaking, the design of the site is good. Of course, there are investors who believe that they should not invest in projects where they see smiling people on a first page, but I think it's wrong. Photos of successful people on the main page is some kind of cultural differences that emerged in the world of high-yield investments. Whether you like it or not, but such things work and those admins who consider them have certain benefits.

Especially when these features do not run counter to the rest of design. For example, on the website of these guys you can find not only the man with the smile of a successful person. There you will see a well-designed list of plans and their parameters. There are also professionally looking blocks of information about the features of a project, about news of the company, testimonials and an investment calculator. Each investment plan includes a suitable illustration of the suitcase that is respective to the income you will make.

Investment plans. MorelliBrothers has four investment plans for you. Here is a summary chart, which includes all the plans and their basic parameters:

Amount $10-$150 $150-$1,000 $1,001-$2,000 $2,001-100,000
Profit 1.2% daily 1.4% daily 1.7% daily 2.1% daily
Period 10 days 20 days 40 days Min 20 days
Compounding Yes Yes Yes Yes
Principal returning Yes Yes Yes Yes

As you can see, we are dealing with a fascinating symbiosis of short terms and low interest. Usually, such interest rates are offered by longer-term programs. Obviously, the administrator is cautious. If we assume that it is a paying on expiry HYIP that pays 112% after 10 days, we'll see that it is quite an average (even low) interest rate for a short-term HYIP. However, in this case you risk less, because you do not have to wait for your profit for 10 days (or more in other plans).

The administrator tries to go into a longer-term work in other plans combining the best aspects of short and long-term plans. The offer is very attractive. Time will tell whether the admin is trying to lay the foundation for continuous operation, or just wants to attract more investors. In the meantime, let's take a look at the content.

Text and Content. There is actually not so much content on the website. There is a page About Us and a page F.A.Q. About Us deserves to get the A mark. FAQ is absolutely standard and it's difficult to evaluate it. In general, we can say that MorelliBrothers do not gain extra points for the content of their site, although they could have. I will just note that they have a section with official news and testimonials about the program. This is certainly good.

Affiliate program. It offers a commission equal to 5% of every deposit made by your referred investors.

Contacts. You can contact the administration using a feedback form (which is expected for a program with an image of business people in its design). What is not expected is the presence of Live Support. In addition, a feedback form allows you to format your messages, meaning to provide interesting places in bold and underline your point. Apparently, they pay great attention to incoming emails.

What is more untypical, it the possibility to communicate with the administration with the help of Facebook or Twitter. In addition, this project has a blog. This is a great network. Of course, it is becoming common for high-yield investment programs to launch Facebook and Twitter pages, so it should not be considered a great achievement. However, it is an advantage.

Hosting and security.
According to publicly available information the program has SSL and DDoS protection. As you know, at this point, those are the basic means of protecting the site and the transmitted data, as well as a “must have” for any HYIP project.

According to the same info, SSL is provided by the company Comodo Group, and protection against DDoS is from Dragonara Alliance Ltd.

Payment systems. The list of payment options is not particularly large at MorelliBrothers. You can invest and get paid with the help of LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney or AlertPay. When these three e-currencies are accepted we usually say that it's more than enough. Because it is actually enough to have just LR and PM. AlertPay is usually added to enhance the reputation. Of course, it is a problematic payment processor, but it is quite demanding and in some cases helps get investors' deposits back.

Those were the most important features of a project called MorelliBrothers.


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