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We are here with another HYIP Informational Survey from HYIPNews.com. HYIP Informational Survey 96

Openings. Hello again, dear readers! We are here with another HYIP Informational Survey from HYIPNews.com. You are going to be updated on the latest events on the HYIP arena. You will get to know about the changes in the programs statuses on HYIP listings. We will also let you know about the lately closed programs and updates on famous HYIP blogs. All this and much more is provided to you by the HYIPNews.com team in the regular HYIP Informational Survey.

Fresh-Income (fresh-income.com) 110-280% after 1-10 days!

BestMyFinance (bestmyfinance.com), Alter Profit (alterprofit.net), Assiaset Funds (asiassetfunds.com), TradeDeposit (tradedeposit.com), GetProfitToday (get-profit-today.com), DollarsTrade (dollarstrade.com), Prosperity Gain (prosperitygain.com), Universal Earning (universal-earning.com), VertexProfit (vertexprofit.com), Money Hugo (moneyhugo.net), Blue Sky Stock (blueskystock.com), Jump At Cash (jumpatcash.net), LibertyMoneyProfit (libertymoneyprofit.com), Trader Top Fund (tradertopfund.com), Rapid Investment (rapid-investment.com), TooIncome (tooincome.com), Gold Mining Experts (goldmining-experts.org), Traders Assets (traderassets.com), Trade Swap (tradeswap.biz), Bolo Money (bolomoney.com), Top Investing (top-investing.com), BenzINV (benzinv.com), Ideal Fund (ideal-fund.com).

Just one program with the detailed presentation in the Openings section. Seems to be not quite an active weekend for professional looking HYIPs. Anyway, among the rest ones, you may find some good short term income sources. Though always remember one thing, a program that appeared a day ago may easily fall down the following day. It is still more like a gambling when dealing with high risk ultra high profitable HYIPs.

GBP Real Estate - not paying
Clarinton Trading - not paying
Cool Investment - not paying
Wsporstco - not paying
AVFunds - not paying
Stable-Profit - not paying
Raise Interest Ltd - not paying
Business Innovation Association - not paying
Sinfinance - not paying
Assets-Bank - not paying
Standard-Forex - not paying
Artificial Casting - not paying
Perfect Money Fund - not paying
Roxi Fund - not paying
VCM Finance - not paying
Persona Inv - not paying
SeaOil - not paying

This time we have another large list of Problem programs. What is interesting about it. On the very top of the list there are several really long-term programs that are now experiencing delays with profit payouts. And which is more interesting, on the bottom of the list, lots of fresh programs, opened 7-10 days ago and now seem to be gone for good. This proves the fact, not every new program is worth investing. Always remember, do not ever put your funds to a program, which is mentioned in the Problems section of the HYIP Informational Survey.

Events. TopsFund (tops-fund.net) have moved to another domain. The old one is not functioning anymore. Good to hear that TopsFund (tops-fund.net) were not broken by the domain suspension and seem to be back to normal work.

The project ProfitsRaise has become another victim of Winner Earn admin, sending the fake mails, as of on behalf of ProfitsRaise (profitsraise.com) admin. The fake e-mails stimulate members to ask for demand money from AlertPay, saying the project's AlertPay accounts were suspended. Let us tell you once again, such e-mails are fake and as confirmed by the admin sent by the Winner Earn. Indeed the AP account of ProfitsRaise is fine and not suspended as informed in the official newsletter.

PaidJack (paidjack.com) admin promises bonus to every "...1000th member joining PaidJack." We are just wondering, how can one check whether he or she is the 1000s or not? ;) Anyway, this bonus campaign seems to be so trivial. Still it's a way of attracting people to PaidJack (paidjack.com). We'll see how it works for the program.

Good News. Unfortunately there is no good news for today. Just the other way round, more new programs appeared to be Problem. And former leaders such as Safe Depositary and Powerful Strategy have not returned to paying statuses. This more likely means the end of the game for these two and several others.

Emoney. The site of Liberty Reserve was not working for several hours on Monday October 17. No official information on the official blog or elsewhere. Because of that there were possible some payment delays to all the HYIP members, getting the profit via Liberty Reserve and most HYIPs informed their members about the delays, and the actual reasons. Now the site of Liberty Reserve is fine and all the payments to all accounts should be processed without delays.

Closures. Karma Money (50 days), Finance Forex World (20 days), Trust Income ( 40 days), Fund Pools (204 days).

HYIP Blogs. Frank, the admin of The Private HYIP Blog shares his thoughts on the latest events on the arena. Scam of Safe Depositary and fall of Powerful Strategy. There is one more giant left Macro Trade. How would the collapse of the TOP HYIPs may affect the only working one, if it actually will? Read more on the Private HYIP Blog: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2011/10/15/safe-depositary-scam-powerful-strategy-scam-and-macrotrade-scam/

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