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Openings. Dear readers! It's Friday and it's time for the HYIP Informational Survey release. New updates from the world of HYIP. Latest events and blog updates are provided to you by the HYIPNews.com team. The updates about Problem programs this week. New openings on the market. All this is provided to you in the HYIP Informational Survey by HYIPNews.com.

GFX Fund (gfxfund.com) 2.5-3% daily for 30 days!
Tvitraders 1.5-3% daily or 20-30% monthly!
SingInvest 1-2% daily for 50-120 calendar days!
Oil Forex Investing 110-300% after 1-3 days 1.1-5% daily for 30 days!

Platinum-Earn (platinum-earn.com), Safe-Mutual-Funds (safe-mutual-funds.com), Steady Forex Fund (steadyforexfund.com), PreFinances (prefinances.com), Earn-Much (earn-much.com), Mister-Fund (mister-fund.com), Dollars-Maker (dollars-maker.com), HYIPWBM (hyipwbm.com), DecaProfit (decaprofit.com), A3fx (a3fx.net), Russet Investment (russettinv.com), EarningsWorld (earningsworld.net), Clock Forex (clock-forex.com), Jet Earn (jetearn.biz), Go Gainer (gogainer.com), Direct Income (direct-income.com), EverPaying (everpaying.com), Stock Coding Ltd (stockcoding.com), Pro-InvestBank (pro-investbank.com), Next Money (next-money.com), Top Income (topincomeinvestment.com), MutualForex (mutualforex.biz), Save-Funds (save-funds.com), Exclusive Cash (exclusivecash.biz), LBOU (libertybankofus.com), 2breed (2breed.net), Profit4Now (profit4now.com), Leprecon Fund.

The list of new programs this week is very large. Please make your choice thoroughly. Think twice before jumping in any of the new investment opportunities appeared online. One more time let us remind you, due diligence is highly recommended. Most of the programs, given above, are the short-term high risky HYIPs, which can close pretty soon. That is why, don't be in a hurry when making your investment decision.

Forex Forks - not paying
PreMoney - not paying
Pana Inv - not paying
Fx Juice - not paying
True Expert - not paying
Agent Profit - not paying
Tinoko Capital - not paying
Capital Faran - not paying
FQ FX Trade - site offline
Sommet Corporation - not paying
Wealth Management - not paying
iForex Gain - not paying
Novel Profit - not paying
Russia Network Investment - not paying
Asiasset Funds - not paying

There are many additions to the Problems section this time. The list is as large as it is always. Unfortunately, we've never missed this section in any of the previous releases of the HYIP Informational Survey. All the programs mentioned above are dangerous to invest. The risk of being scammed is enormous. So, if you set your mind on investing to any of those programs, at least wait till the status is changed to Paying. In case this change actually happens, we'll surely let the readers know about that in the next release of the informational survey in the Good News section, next Tuesday.

Events. EliteGain (elitegain.com) announces another contest. Actually it's another session of the week-end bustling contest. The previous contest session caused lots of abuses and now the admin of EliteGain (elitegain.com) claims all drawbacks that caused the abuses, ha been removed. Another update from EliteGain (elitegain.com) is about opening the Facebook page of this program. The link to their Facebook page can be found in the official newsletter sent to program members.

SoaretInvestment (soaret.com) has opened a pool on the main page of the site, asking investors, whether adding the new investment plan is necessary or not.

Good News. This Friday we have some good news. And i should tell it is actually very good, cause from the large list of Problem prorgams we had last time, four programs, sem to get back to regular payouts. Wsporstco (wsporstco.com) Stable-Profit (stable-profit.biz) and Persona Inv (persona-inv.com) have already restored positive status on every monitoring site. Speaking about GBP Real Estate (gbprealestate.com) - looks like they are still working on it. The negative status still remains from site to site, though actual picture looks rather positive about this HYIP. Congratulations to all HYIP investors, members of the programs, which are now back and paying.

Emoney. Withdrawals and deposits via bankwire is problematic for US and Canada customers of Alert Pay. The reason for that is the technical issue in the system upgrade of their banking associate. Alert Pay informs that they are working on solving this problem as soon as possible. Despite the troubles with bank accounts, other methods like checks or money orders are open for US and Canada customers though.

Closures. Safe Depositary (438 days), Powerful Strategy (151 days), Advantages Capital (472 days), Diamond Roi (417 days), Cool Investment (74 days), AVFunds (50 days), Raise Interest Ltd (32 days), Business Innovation Association (32 days), Assets-Bank (12 days), Standard-Forex (10 days), Perfect Money Fund (11 days), VCM Finance (10 days), SeaOil (9 days), Bernard Fund (16 days), Atp Trade (10 days), Inter Inv (39 days), Real Online Investment (42 days).

HYIP Blogs. The Private HYIP Blog has updates today. The article, showing difference between two e-currency payment systems Liberty Reserve and Alert Pay. What is the best? Which advantages does one have to another? The answers to these questions are given in the article on The Private HYIP Blog: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2011/10/19/the-best-between-liberty-reserve-and-alertpay-and-why/

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