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TopInvesting is a new project in our catalog. It is a shortto middle term paying on expiry HYIP offering high ROI. It is not explained on the website...

TopInvesting is a new project in our catalog. It is a short-to middle term paying on expiry HYIP offering high ROI. It is not explained on the website how the administration manages to make such profit, however it is even not important to us because investing in projects of its kind is more like gambling, therefore let's get straight to the investment offer of TopInvesting.

There are six investment plans running from 1 to 60 days and paying on expiry with principal included. The more money you invest – the higher your interest rate will be. The minimum deposit amount is $10 in all plans: 105%-129% after 1 days; 116.5%-279% after 3 days; 148%-685% after 8 days, 197.5%-1487% after 15 days; 317%-2862% after 31 days and 9624% after 60 days.

The minimum mentioned interest rates in each plans are set for deposits of up to $200, which means that for most investors only the minimal rates are available, so do not be too excited about promised returns when you visit the website and see the offered plans on the main page. There the administration stated the highest rates for each plan. The only plan that offers a fixed and unbelievably high rate is the one that pays after 60 days. However, we all know from experience that such projects never pay profit in the longest plan.

If you decide to invest your money in this plan despite what I just said, just ask yourself why would the admin pay you such profit and where will he get so much money to pay you (9624%!!!)? Does he care about you being wealthy and will give you his own money so that you can make pure $9524 out of your $100? Please, don't be naive.

Payment options are LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. Payments are processed manually. The promised referral commission is up to 19%. The used script is from GoldCoders, the website is DDoS protected by AntiDDoS and is SSL encrypted. In case you have questions to the admin, you may fill out a support form on the website. There is also a working live support, and a telephone number +441473857906.

TopInvesting was launched on October 18, so it is still new. It almost does not differ from thousands of typical short-term HYIPs and therefore may be a good choice for you if you are a risk-taker and like quick money. However, do not forget that it is always better to invest in shortest plans, to be reasonable when it comes to a deposit amount and to know when to stop.

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