Updated: 10/25/2011 18:26
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Openings. Good day, dear readers! We are happy to announce the release of the regular HYIP Informational Survey. Today we are going to share the latest news from the HYIP arena, we are providing you with the updates on new and problem programs. All important things from the HYIP Blogs and forums are at your attention in this release of the informational survey.

Speed Traders (speed-traders.com) 1.5-3% daily Up to 60 trading days!
Russett Investment 2% daily for 100 days, 108-150% after 3-15 days!
TopIncome Investment 104% after 13 hours or 110-136% after 10-4 hours!
MoneyEra 1.2% daily; 8.1% weekly!
Credit Program Bank 1-2,1% daily for 13-365 days!
Stock Coding 2.0 - 3.0% daily up to 100 business days!
BestMyFinance 1.10-1.30% hourly for 100 hours!

Twr-trade (twr-trade.com), EarnHyipProfit (earnhyipprofit.com), Tripler Madness (triplermadness.com), ProHyipManager (prohyipmanager.com), OnlineMonetaryInvestment (140inv.com), FX Financing (fxfinancing.com), Fxattitudes (fxattitudes.com), Safe Trade Co. (safe-trade.org), Hyip No1 (hyipno1.com), ShiftFund (shiftfund.net), Gignaticprofit (gignaticprofit.com), Forex Madness (forexmadness.net), Permanent Money (permanentmoney.biz), Max Return (max-return.com), LyoFund Ltd (lyofund.com), Hyper Invest Bank (hyperinvestbank.com), MassiveFund (massivefund.com), ForceReserve (forcereserve.com), Gold Profit (gold-profit.biz), Leading Profits (leading-profits.com), Money Poll (moneypoll.net), Storm Dollars (stormdollars.com), Invest-Withdraw (invest-withdraw.com), Oil Trader Arab Gulf (oil-trader-arab-gulf.com), King Invest (king-invest.com), Dolphin Earn (dolphinearn.com).

Today we have absolute maximum amount of new programs. And we also have absolute maximum of programs in the first part with the detailed description. Dear readers, you are highly recommended to check the first part, and then if you don't find anything suitable for your investment needs, you may proceed to the list of other HYIPs. The experience proves the fact, programs in the first part of the Openings section are more likely to stay online for longer period of time than programs without the detailed description.

HotPaying - not paying
Merchant 4 Fx - not paying
GBP Real Estate - not paying
PAM Group - not paying
Liberty Loan - site offline
Bassko - not paying
FX Profit Earn - not paying
Large Interest - not paying
Real Money Pool - not paying
Sinfinance - not paying
GPG11 - not paying
Wise-Invest - not paying
Prosperity Gain - not paying
Too Income - not paying
Blue Sky Stock - not paying

There are lots of problems programs this Tuesday. Some problem ones from the previous survey are still having the Problem statuses. They are not mentioned here. Anyway, no matter the program is mentioned in this release or in the previous one, these programs are not recommended for investing.

Events. SoaretInvestment (soaret.com) has launched the new plan. The plan was supposed to offer 6.5% daily and this is rather suspicious for investors. As it turned out, the suspicions were absolutely reasonable. 8 hours after announcing the new plan, it was cancelled. HYIPNews.com would recommend to watch for SoaretInvestment (soaret.com) for a while without investing into it, at least when things get clearer.

EliteGain (elitegain.com) is launching the new Paid-to-Promote program. The aim of the program is to give bonuses to official promoters of the program by means referring visitors to the site. The promoters should be manually approved for taking part in the PTP program.

Good News. We have good news today for investors of True Expert (trueexpert.net) and Russia Network Investment (russia-network-investment.com). These 2 HYIPS have survived the Problem status after the last time. And now they are back to Paying status. Hope it's for long. As for the rest, they are gone for good or still in Problems.

Closures. Forex Forks (163 days), PreMoney (50 days), Fx Juice (72 days), Agent Profit (75 days), FQ FX Trade (48 days), Sommet Corporation (40 days), Wealth Management (35 days), Novel Profit (27 days), Asiasset Funds (9 days), Roxi Fund (15 days), Good Profit (61 days), Bolo Money (7 days), Earn-Much (6 days).

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