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Please welcome Trader Assets a new program in our HYIPlist (it has been online for just 7 days). As usual, we will briefly introduce it to you in...

Please welcome Trader Assets “ a new program in our HYIP-list (it has been online for just 7 days). As usual, we will briefly introduce it to you in our traditional presentation and before we proceed to the investment offer of this program, I want you to take a look at its main features, which the administration collected for you:

  • Legal Registered Company - USA and Belize
  • Earn up to 3.4% fixed daily return for 30-120 Business days!
  • Each transaction is handled separately and has its own active period.
  • Both USD and EUR are accepted.
  • Principal payment will be returned at end of investment period.
  • Up to 4-6% from deposits made by your referrals.
  • All transactions between your Trader Assets Corporation's account and e-currency account are fully automated!
  • Dedicated Server With DDos Protected by Dragonara
  • 256 Bit SSL encrypted protected technology for safety login to your member area.

I really like it when admins place such information on the main page, because it gives a general idea about the project. Of course, some statements may be controversial and should be checked and confirmed, but it's anyways much more convenient to see all features collected together. As you can see, TraderAssets offers up to 3.4% daily for 30-120 business days. The minimum deposit is $10 in all three plans:

Standard Plan: 1.6%-2.4% fixed daily interest for 30 business days; Premium Plan: 1.9%-2.7% fixed daily interest for 60 business days; Senior Plan: 2.3%-3.4% fixed daily interest for 120 business days. Principal is returned back on expiry, compounding is available, and all withdrawals are processed within 1-6 hours after the request. The accepted e-currencies are LR, PM and AP.

In general the website of Trader Assets seems to be simple but qualitative. The variety of contact methods is an obvious advantage because it means that the administration is ready to support the clients of the project. So I think it may be a good option for your investment portfolio (I hope you know how important it is to diversify your funds). Good luck!

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