Updated: 10/27/2011 09:34
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An Investor of October has been announced at ReProFinance This time the projects software has randomly chosen Login ID: A13824

An Investor of October has been announced at ReProFinance. This time the project's software has randomly chosen Mr.Charlsvit Mordekai Osvald from Monaco (Login ID: A13824) and he has directly received the $1,000 to his account. An Investor of the Month Certificate has been also mailed to his mailing address. If you want to win $1,000 at ReProFinance too, you must have an active deposit of 100 USD/EURO or more. The Investor of the Month is randomly chosen by project's software every 25th of each month.

There is also another update from this project. According to it, ReProFinance Company held a round table meeting with the leading regional representatives titled “ReProFinance's global vision of the future.” Regional representatives who head the largest regional structures from such countries as Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Indonesia, China and others were present at the meeting. The agenda of the meeting was “the general strategies of promoting ReProFinance in the regions as well as national peculiarities of making the investment business.”

As a result of the round table meeting it was decided to make the website of the project available to more people by translating it into different languages. Translations will be made shortly by local representatives. In the first place the company is preparing to launch the German, Indonesian and French versions of the website. Later Spanish and Italian will be added and then Chinese. In such a way the website will become much easier to surf for many investors.

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