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In the Hyip Informational Survey 99 see conclusions on things going on the HYIP market All you need to know about HYIP arena is here in one place

Openings. Dear readers of HYIPNews.com! Our editorial staff is publishing the regular HYIP Informational Survey. As usually on Friday, at the end of the week we are going to draw some conclusions on things going on the HYIP market. We shall post the updated list of Problem and New programs. Once there is any important discussion on any HYIP forum is taking place, we shall let you know about it in the informational survey. Once any HYIP blog posts any updates, we are here to share them with you. All you need to know about HYIP arena is here in one place. And as usually we start with the openings of this week.

InterTrend Group (intertrend.co) 1.4-2.6% daily for 180 days!
Zacley Investment, LLC (zacley-investment.com) 3-5% daily for 40 calendar days!

Gold Trade Profit (gtprofit.com), BigFundINV (bigfundinv.com), FxBucks (fxbucks.com), BexFund Investment Service (bexfund.com), CapitalPriority (capitalpriority.com), Income Future (income-future.com), Apple Invest (apple-invest.com), ArenaFinance (arena-finance.net), GoldFund-Inv (goldfund-inv.com), KickFund (kickfund.net), Secure-Project (secure-project.com), LPAfund (lpafund.com), Ap On Time (apontime.com), Commerce Website.

There are not many new programs this week. Seems like the activity, typical for the beginning of autumn is getting lower. The market is getting ready to another shake within the period of Christmas holidays. Everyone is getting more cautious, including the HYIP admins. And in our turn we just have to remind you to be extremely cautious, when entering the high yield investment market.

FxPromoter - not paying
Cos Pool - not paying
Morelli Brothers - not paying
Artificial Casting - not paying
Trader Top Fund - not paying
Liberty Loan - not paying

Good news about today's Problems section is that there are nearly a few new additions within the time after the latest informational survey release. This week can be considered quiet enough for investors. Anyway, if you see your program is in the list above, beware and try to take your funds out of there, if possible. Good luck, dear investors!

Another update from the admin of EliteGain (elitegain.com). This time, the admin claims the complaint against some dishonest monitor, Hyipnames.com, who moved the program EliteGain (elitegain.com) to problem status without obvious reasons for that. The practice of cheating and black PR is extremely popular around the HYIP arena. So this case is not a unique one. As far as we know, EliteGain (elitegain.com) is still paying and there are no reasons to blacklist them, at least yet.

The admin of SoaretInvestment (soaret.com) keeps making people laugh. Once taking the decision on applying the new 6% daily plan (as informed of that in the previous release of the informational survey), some days later, the decision to cancel this plan was taken by the admin of SoaretInvestment (soaret.com). It makes all wondering, what are they thinking of? This one looks suspicious, indeed.

(5strade.com) being rather old program is back with the bonus campaign to its clients. Now they are offering 10-20% bonus to every new deposit made till October 31. Very much likely, 5sTrade (5strade.com) is experiencing lack of incoming investments. At least this bonus campaign looks very much typical to make some conclusions.

Good News. This Friday is really rich in good news. The first one is not numerous Problems section. And now this one. 4 programs from the programs, previously named as Problems has recovered the Paying statuses: HotPaying (hotpaying.com), Merchant 4 Fx (merchant4fx.com), GBP Real Estate (gbprealestate.com), FX Profit Earn (fxprofitearn.com). The rest seem to be gone gone for good! :( Anyway, it's the good news, let's congratulate every single investor of the programs, mentioned above on retrieving the Paying statuses and eventually on taking the profit back. Let us remind you, we are watching every program, and in case something goes wrong again, you can send a warning or a signal to us. We'll be happy to investigate 4the issue for you.

SolidTrustPay is updating the site and opening new possibilities for its customers. From now on, the clients of STP will be able to send and receive funds in six different currencies directly from the customers' accounts. Among the active US Dollar, the following ones have been added: Canadian Dollars, Euros, Pound Sterling, and Australian and New Zealand Dollars. The details regarding the update is posted on the blog of STP. No need to set the main e-currency. All system is automatic. Once you make a deposit in Euro, you can withdraw in Euro automatically. Once your currency is not in the range of applied ones, it will be automatically converted to US Dollars.

Agents Reports and Readers Questions.
Attention! Today we received several warnings concerning the payment delays in Welton Trust. Unfortunately, we haven't manage to verify this information yet. As you can see on the program page in our listing, the latest payout was yesterday on October 27. Nevertheless, quite possible this project is about to have problems soon. Hope, the problems are temporal.

Closures. Bassko (69 days), Wise-Invest (21 days), Prosperity Gain (12 days), Too Income (10 days), Blue Sky Stock (11 days), Pana Inv (93 days), Conten Trade Capital Group (57 days), Earn-Much (9 days), Wise-Invest (21 days).

HYIP Blogs. HYIP is not the only possible way to make money online form home. Home-based working opportunities have become more and more popular. Frank, the admin of the Private HYIP Blog, is announcing the new section on his blog, which is going to be about ways of making money online, other than HYIPs. This direction may seem to be interesting enough, we'll see how it will work. Anyway, the main idea of the blog update is that there always should be an alternative to high risk high yield investing. People have the right to choose what they need. The more risk is taken, the more profit one will get. This is the golden rule of every business. See the complete article on how to make money online without investing in HYIPs: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2011/10/26/how-to-make-money-online-without-investing-in-hyips/

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