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Openings. Dear readers! It's Tuesday and we are happy to announce the regular release of our HYIP Informational Survey. As you know, we are trying to cover all latest news from the world of HYIP in our survey. We are doing our best to update you on the latest events of high yield investment programs. Today there are practically no events. The reason is simple, we do not cover events of programs listed on HYIPNews.com in the informational survey. And for this weekend all the updates took place on the websites of programs monitored by HYIPNews.com, which means the news about it will be posted separately in our official newsline. We also provide you with news on closures and problem ones. All in all there is lots of hot information inside. Hope the info we are providing to you is useful for HYIP investors.

Light Waters (light-waters.com) 3.2% daily for 60 days or 137.2% after 7 days!
Freedom Reserve 130-8900% daily per 1-60 days!

GreatDeposit (great-deposit.com), Anguilla Capital (anguillacapital.com), My Internet Bank (myinternetbank.com), Grand Power Funds (grandpowerfunds.com), HourlyMoneymaker (hourlymoneymaker.com), Earnest Investments (earnest.eu), Nature Income (natureincome.com), Lenovest (lenovest.com), RealFinancialFund (realfinancialfund.com), Earnings Express (earningsexpress.com), Nature-Forex (nature-forex.com), Fin Marks (finmarks.com), Genius-Trade (genius-trade.com), LibertyPlus (liberty-plus.com), Logical Stock (logicalstock.com).

The choice is not rich again. Nothing new here. Lots of common new websites, mostly short term ones.Please be careful, when you choose the new source for investing. The due diligence is highly recommended, actually as it always is in the sphere of high yield investing. Good luck!

Permanent Profit Inc - site offline
Hyip Technologies - not paying
Sofix Fund Inc - site offline
FX Profit Earn - site offline
Atlant Capital - site offline
Large Interest - not paying
Large-Profit - not paying
Alpha Tradings Inc - not paying
Soaret Investment - not paying
Golden Trades - not paying
Premiere Fund - not paying
Plus Paying - not paying
UK Saving - site offline
Alternet Investment - site offline
Finance Forex World - site offline
Gold Mining Experts - not paying
Liberty Bank Of Us - not paying
DecaProfit - not paying
Twr-Trade - site offline
Save-Funds - site offline
Pro Invest Bank - site offline
Applix Funds - not paying
World Class Traders - not paying
Travel Inv - site offline
Platinum-Earn - site offline
Dollars-Maker - not paying

Well, dear friends, something weird is going on the market. The list of Problem programs is extremely large. Moreover, absolute majority of them have their sites offline. And the error shown, when attempting to enter the sites looks the same. Whether some “install.php” is missing or some syntax error. This all makes us thinking some hosting provider that hosts HYIP sites deletes their accounts. Well, it's just a guess, though it can be true. Once things are clarified, well keep you informed. Meanwhile, please be ware!

SafeCapitalia (safecapitalia.com) is celebrating 1 month online anniversary. As a gift to investors, they are starting referral competition that is going to last till November 7.

Good News. Last time there were not many programs in Problems section of the informational survey. And hence many people might have thought there won't be any good news among such a small amount of programs. Well, they were wrong. One program from previously being in Problems section is now back to Paying status. It's Artificial Casting (artificialcasting.net). Congratulations to all investors! Hope all pending payouts are now renewed and the work is totally restored. Please remember, once something like that happens again, you can always post a warning against this or any other program and HYIPNews.com will investigate this issue.

Closures. Top Income Investment (11 days), Top-Investing (14 days), Profits Raise (50 days), Commerce-Website (4 days), FXSafer (78 days), Cos Pool (36 days), Morelli Brothers (28 days), Trader Top Fund (15 days), Liberty Loan (111 days), PAM Group (141 days), Leprecon Fund (13 days), Cyc Yield (7 days), Ever Paying (12 days).

HYIP Blogs. The admin of Private HYIP Blog, Frank is posting the new update, explaining his move on adding another one HYIP to his list. We are not going to name this HYIP here, since there are some rumors about it. Anyway, the blog update tales place and you to know about it. Here is the full article: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2011/10/30/latest-scams-hurt-less-thanks-to-unitrust-direct/

HYIP Forums. There is a discussion, concerning all pros and cons of investing to 1-day plan HYIPs. The thoughts are different. You can watch for the complete discussion on Talkgold: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r341926-.html

There is a warning about some Top programs on Goldpoll site. The warning is against the top programs that seem to be owned by one and the same admin. It wouldn't bother all too much if they hadn't taken the top places on the famous goldpoll site. See the complete discussion here: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r341558-.html

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