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Short version of research will be presented on the site and an uncut version is only available for subscribers and registered members of ExpertPortfolio

As you may already know, the team of ExpertPortfolio is actively involved in researching markets and presents the results of them in a special section called Market Researches. In the latest research the team of has investigated the development of demand for commodities around the globe. And soon a new research will be available for you, which is announced in the fresh newsletter:

We are happy to announce of the new market trends research to be issued on November 9. The niche of emerging markets is considered to be one of the most perspective ones in the year 2012 and apart from that, emerging markets has become the part of our investment portfolios this year. This factors have become the crucial ones, when taking the decision on preparing the research on emerging markets investment trends.

The short version of a research will be presented on the website and an uncut version is only available for subscribers and registered members of ExpertPortfolio. It will be ready on November 9, so stay tuned for that. This project has been monitored by HYIPNews for three months and has an unusual approach to investing and it's investment offer also differs from lots of others in the market. Take a look:

ExpertPortfolio offers three investment portfolios that bring 1.5%-2% daily for 12 weeks and return your principal on expiry. The Wallet Portfolio requires you to purchase 10 units minimum ($1 per unit) and unit rate of return is $0.075 per week. The unit rate of return in Case Portfolio is $9 per week and you have to purchase 50 units minimum to invest ($100 per unit).

The Baggage Portfolio offers $20 per week unit return rate with 100 units minimum ($200 per unit). Profit-fixation takes place every week on Friday at 6 p.m. EDT. After the profit is fixed you can withdraw it anytime you want. ExpertPortfolio works with LR and PM.

P.S. The presentation of ExpertPortfolio can be read here.

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