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The following newsletter has been sent out by the administration of a wellknown ReProFinance who inform about a conference

The following newsletter has been sent out by the administration of a well-known ReProFinance who inform about a conference that will take place in January from 26/01/2012 to 28/01/2012. It will be held on the Caribbean Islands in Dominican Republic and investors will be invited. Such an event will be devoted to the upcoming anniversary of the project. All participants who submit their applications for participation beforehand will be offered to attend various business seminars, presentations and other events, as well as to have a rest on the beaches of the Caribbean Sea. The administration informs:

“The conference program will include seminars, meetings with the officials of the company, round table discussions with company representatives, business training in online investments, and performance of pop stars. In the end of the program RePro Finance offers a business regatta with participation of yacht teams of representatives, company partners, management team and large investors. All the participants of the conference will be provided with free accommodation at the hotel.”

The number of participants is limited. You may apply for participation and they will choose who is invited to the meeting basing on your financial turnover in ReProFinance. Well, what can we say... many readers would like us to be more skeptical with regard to official updates from HYIPs, to be more critical and to provide thorough analyzing. However, we are first of all a news service, and our analytical (or one may say blogging) articles are published separately. We will say just one thing – claims about holding a conference is surely a good thing, but this does not mean that you shouldn't treat them sensibly.

P.S. For more information on the project watch its video review.

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