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Openings. Dear readers, due to technical reasons today we are publishing the short version of the HYIP Informational Survey. The full version with the updates will be published next Tuesday as scheduled. Sorry for possible inconveniences caused. Anyway, we do hope, the news for the current week from the world of HYIPs have been good for the absolute majority. And we wish all those who were scammed or got into some other troubles because of HYIPs to draw the morale of the bad things happened not to make the same mistakes in the future. In our turn we'll do our best to give you all possible information from the HYIP sphere. Stay tuned and enjoy your reading. Shall we start with the openings of the week:

(legalshares.com) 1.3-2.1% daily for 15-45 days!
Gold Trade Profit 0.5-1.5% daily for 176 days!
Solid Forex Ltd. (solidforexltd.com) 0.5-3% daily!

Nature Forex
, Safe Earning Today, FortuneFunds (fortunefundsltd.com), The Perfect Profit (the-perfectprofit.com), Happy Earning (happy-earning.com), Troy Cash (troycash.biz), Web Corporate (web-corporate.com), Make Daily (make-daily.com), ECashSea (ecashsea.com), Commerce Favored, Fortune Income (fortune-income.com), AMS Returns (amsreturns.com), The Climbers' Club (climberclub.net), Hyper Finance (hyper-finance.com), PerfectAndSafe, Super 5 (super-5.net), Forex Clients (forex-clients.com), Hot Return (hot-return.com)

There are some investment opportunities in today's openings section, which in our opinion are really worth attention. We'll take a closer look and watch their progress.

Empire Finance Group - not paying
Genius-Income - not paying
Green-Revolutions - not paying
FxStar Light - not paying
Erinco Fund - not paying
FxPromoter - site offline
GFX Fund - not paying
FX Financing - not paying
FXBucks - not paying
Dollars Trade - not paying

Well, dear readers, as you can see the list is much smaller than it was this Tuesday. Anyway, there are still some new Problem ones, which are not recommended for investing funds into. It's all clear when the site is offline, like one in the list above. Though the actual truth is that, a very small part of HYIPs really go offline, when they are ready to shut a project down. The majority stays online working, trying to get as much as possible from poor investors. That is why, be ware, try not to catch a bite and get scammed by the Problem HYIPs. Whatever it is, we wish all admins, who are now in Problem section, to get back online and resume their work, paying all the missing payments. And i truly wish all investors to succeed with their investments.

Events. TopsFund (topsfund.org) has been active these 3 days. It managed to replace the Premium 5 Days plan with the new one, Premium 10 Days plan that pays 11% daily for 10 days. And right after that another Premium 180 Days has been launched, which pays 6% daily for 180 days. Seems that TopsFund (topsfund.org) admin has decide to change the strategy of running business completely. We'll see how these new plans will be accepted by the investors.

EliteGain (elitegain.com) has published the results of their third weekly referral contest. Three winners were called, the counters were reset for the new contest.

Good News. Permanent Profit Inc, Alternet Investment (alternetinvestment.com) and Finance Forex World (financeforexworld.com) are the only three investment programs that managed to get back to Paying statuses from the Problem one. Congratulations, admins and investors of these HYIPs!

Closures. Hyip Technologies (239 days), Mirex Group (101 days), Online Investment Bank (187 days), Sofix Fund Inc (126 days), FX Profit Earn (67 days), Atlant Capital (50 days), Large Interest (59 days), Soaret Investment (35 days), Plus Paying (22 days), UK Saving (25 days), Gold Mining Experts (18 days), Liberty Bank Of Us (16 days), DecaProfit (16 days), Twr-Trade (14 days), Pro Invest Bank (14 days), Applix Funds (11 days), Platinum-Earn (17 days), Dollars-Maker (16 days).

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