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FreedomReserve ( is a shortterm program paying on expiry. I suppose when these words are said, you already can understand whether...

FreedomReserve ( is a short-term program paying on expiry. I suppose when these words are said, you already can understand whether you want to invest in it and continue reading or not. If you like quick games and like to risk, then it is a good choice for you. This project does not really differ from hundreds of other HYIPs of such kind. The required minimum deposit amount in this project is $10 and the maximum is $50,000. Offered interest rates vary depending on the amount of your deposit, so the more you invest – the higher your rate will be. Here are the plans:

After 1 Day 105% - 130%; 250% After 3 Days 116.5% - 250%; After 7 Days 142% - 650%; After 14 Days 191% - 1200%; After 30 Days 2600%; After 60 Days 8900%

Payments are processed manually according to the timer located on the main page of the website. If you like the offered plans, you can make a deposit using LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney. The offered referral commission rate is up to 18% of deposits made by your referrals. The script of the program is licensed ColdCoders, SSL encryption is from Comodo and DDoS protection was not confirmed. Support is provided via live chat (which really works) and a feedback form located on the page with contacts. The provided phone number +441202281155 does not work.

As I have said in the foreword, this project is good only for those who understand what a short-term project mean and are ready to risk. FreedomReserve started operating on Novemeber 1, so it is still pretty young. However, my advice is not to make deposits in long plans and not to invest large amounts. If you really think that someone is going to pay you 8900% after 60 days (meaning that you will receive $8,900 after two months if you invest $100 today), then you should just leave the HYIP industry or reconsider your beliefs. While chasing quick profit, you may lose everything.

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