Updated: 11/08/2011 10:06
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In our news about NeoProgress published on Thursday here , we informed you that payments became manual after being instant for eight months. Of course...

In our news about NeoProgress published on Thursday here, we informed you that payments became manual after being instant for eight months. Of course, this action of the admin raised concerns because this a well-known move used by many admins to slowly stop paying. In case a project pays instantly and its admin decides to disappear, he will stop paying which will immediately cause panic among investors. However, in case he first makes payments manual and continues paying for a while to everyone and then selectively, there will be some commotion and a project will have a chance to quietly disappear.

The admin of NeoProgress decided to inform about some security issues and disable instant payments allegedly for a while. At the same time he started actively improving the website by adding new languages and promising to open new offices to make investors believe that NeoProgress is here for a long time and the issues with instant payments are just temporary. I’m sure he even managed to attract new investors (who are new to the industry or do not read news) in such a way. Of course, our readers are not among them because once we published the above mentioned news, they immediately expressed their suspicion regarding this situation.

At the moment we have received a few complaints from our readers whose withdrawal requests are pending, and there are warning alerts on forums, so unfortunately, it seems that the worst fears of investors of NeoProgress have come true. Despite the fact that instant payments were promised to be enabled on Friday, this was not done, payments are now selective, so there is no hope for bright future anymore. Although, the admin of the project keeps posting positive updates about addition of Romanian and Indonesian languages and promising to open new representatives’ offices. Therefore those investors who do not read news may think everything is great. Be careful.

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