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Openings. Welcome, dear readers! It's Friday and it's time for another regular HYIP Informational Survey by HYIPNews.com, where you can find fresh news on HYIP arena. This is the material, where you can learn about new openings of the current week. In the HYIP Informational Survey you can get to know of the problem programs, which are not recommended for investing. In case any new things are happening on a HYIP Forum or HYIP Blog, HYIPNews.com is proudly offering the short review of these updates in the HYIP Informational Survey.

VNCX 1-2.2% daily for 150-180 Business Days!
JB & MB Investments (jbmbinvestments.biz) 5-6% daily for 30 Calendar Days!
Globo Treasure 1.4-2.8% daily for 150-250 days!
ArenaFinance 0.5-5% daily, Principal! Unlimited term!
FortuneFunds (fortunefundsltd.com) 1.5-2.2% daily for 100-125 days!
ForexFond 1.3-2% daily for 120 days!

Profit4Fund, Ford Return (fordreturn.com), Next PAY (next-pay.com), Stable-Profit, ClockWiseEarn (clockwiseearn.com), FavoriteWins (favoritewins.com), Infinite Profits (infinite-profit.com), Metal Invest Group, Perfect Wood (perfect-wood.com), Deposity (deposity.com), EarnCapital (earncapital.biz), Fast Earning (fast-earning.com), ROI Dollars (roidollars.com), IncomePlanet (income-planet.com), Chilton (chiltonfund.com), One Investment (oneinv.biz), Genetic Fund (genetic-fund.com), CAR Investment (carinvestment.org), Growing-Profit (growing-profit.com), Better-Profit (better-profit.com), Extra Profit (extra-profit.page.tl), Dynaive (dynaive.com), FundExplosion (fundexplosion.com), Secret Code System (secretcodesystem.com), Gene World (gene-world.com), Top-Capital (top-capital.net), Effective Fund (effectivefund.com), Profitable Sunrise (profitablesunrise.com), OilandGold (oil-and-gold.com).

There are lots of new investment opportunities appearing every day. Among the large number, one can easily lose oneself. Naturally, some HYIPs may look better, some - worse. We are doing our best to help you with sorting out the HYIPs for you. As always the most interesting, maybe the unique ones, maybe the ones with the original script or not a trivial investment package are presented to you on top of the list with the detailed description. As for the rest, there may be some that may be good, though the chance to earn with them for longtime investment is minimum. Remember, you can always ask for our advice, contacting the HYIPNews.com support team.

Welton Trust - not paying
Unitrust Direct - not paying
WaskoFund - not paying
Kist Funds - not paying
Grown Fund - not paying
Best My Finance - not paying
Facing - not paying
Super 5 - not paying
Plasma Invest - not paying

As you can see this list is not as large as it was the previous time. Though please don't get trapped. The thing is that according to our rules we are not mentioning programs, which have been mentioned in the previous informational survey as Problems for the second time in a row. And this is actually the main reason why this list is not that large. Lots of HYIPs, which were Problem, are still having this negative status. You may check the Good News and Closures section below in our informational survey for details. And apart from old timers there are basically some new ones, and some of them have been pretty popular. Too bad for their investors now. All new investors, don't invest to the HYIPs, mentioned above.

Events. Today's Events sections is empty. Mainly that is because, all the news happening on the HYIP arena occurred with the programs, listed on HYIPNews.com. And the news on these HYIPs are not covered in the HYIP Informational Survey. We are monitoring every programs, listed with us and publish the news about them separately, not waiting for the informational survey to be released. And that is actually the main reason, why no events are posted in today's informational survey. Looking forward to your understanding. Certainly, if anything happens with any program not listed on HYIPNews.com, we'll update you on it in the next release of the HYIP Informational Survey by HYIPNews.com.

Good News. Despite the fact many programs, which were in Problems section this Tuesday are still there or closed down, there are HYIPs, which managed to get back to paying statuses, fortunately to investors of these HYIPs. Here are the winners: Invest Pro Group (investprogroup.com), Superb Earn (superbearn.com), Oil Windfall Profits (oilwindfallprofits.com), 2breed (2breed.net), Silver 22 (silver22.com), Climber Club Investment (climberclub.net), Citycash (citycash.org). 7 programs are in the Good News section for today. This number is a kind of a record one. Congratulations to all investors, who were get paid. Hope all the troubles with the Problems HYIPs are in the past and from now on there will be nothing but profit.

Closures. Veritas Funds (54 days), Investment Models Inc (59 days), Gorgon Trade (17 days), Zacley-Investment (16 days), Anguilla Capital (14 days), Apontime (16 days), Real Financial Fund (11 days), Nature Income (11 days), Gignatic Profit (19 days), Logical Stock (10 days), Forex-Clients (8 days).

HYIP Blogs. 4 reasons why not to invest to HYIPs are supposed by Frank, the admin of the Private HYIP Blog. The reasons are not obvious and frankly speaking purely individual. Anyway, this article is worth reading at least for educational purposes. Personally i would totally agree with the Black December point. As for the rest, HYIPNews.com would rather reserve judgement. Learn more here: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2011/11/10/4-reasons-why-you-should-not-join-high-yield-investment-programs/

HYIP Forums. One newbie investor has raised the discussion, concerning the topic of HYIP Forums and Blogs, which are worth relying upon. To our opinion, the question of monitoring honesty and objective information supply is vitally important. Unfortunately, today there's the opinion all listing and monitoring sites work only for their benefit, not taking care about investors' interests. And unfortunately the majority work on this principle. Still, there are some resources, which are interested in honest and objective information to be delivered to HYIP investors. We are proud to say that our portal HYIPNews.com is among the leading resources that are working for investors' needs, first of all. If you have something to add, or maybe want to share your opinion on this topic, you may join the discussion here: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r343081-.html

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