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OilandGold program is a shortterm paying on expiry HYIP that has joined HYIPNews 4 days ago, however, according to information provided on its...

OilandGold program is a short-term paying on expiry HYIP that has joined HYIPNews 4 days ago, however, according to information provided on its website, it has been operating for 53 days already, which is a long period for a program of such kind, and it should be considered while making a deposit. The rule, or you make call it an advice, concerning a preferable investment plan in short-term HYIPs applies here too – you should not choose long plans, because you have more chances to see your profit if you invest in short ones. In this program you can make a deposit in one of the following investment plans:

$5,000 - $200,000 12% hourly for 12 hours
$200 - $200,000 8% hourly for 13 hours
$10 - $4,999 104% and $5,000 - $200,000 128% after 1 day
$10 - $4,999 114% and $5,000 - $200,000 199% after 3 days
$10 - $4,999 150% and 5,000 - $200,000 444% after 10 days
$10 - $4,999 185% and $5,000 - $200,000 1111% after 15 days
$1,000 - $200,000 3333% after 33 days
$100 - $200,000 8888% after 55 days

Payments are accepted to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. Payouts are processed manually and funds are usually available within 7 hours since a withdrawal request was made. OilandGold project offers up to 15% referral commission for those who participate in an affiliate program. SSL encryption on the website is provided by Comodo and it is also stated that the website is DDoS protected but it needs further conformation. The script is licensed ColdCoders.

There is a live chat icon on the website which said “online” when I checked it, however it was unavailable. And here are some more contact details that can be found on the website:
Company address: Panama City,
Torre de las Americas, Oficina 492
Company phone: +1 209 418 7928
Company fax: +1 209 418 7929
Company email: admin@oil-and-gold.com

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