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Openings. Dear readers. It's Tuesday and we are back with the Informational Survey. In this release we are providing you with the latest information about the new programs, that appeared online for the weekend. We are also giving updates on the Problem programs, which ones have managed to get pack to paying status and which ones have not. Whatever news is going on on the market, HYIPNews.com Informational Survey includes it in the survey, hence making it as the universal news portal and news publications in the HYIP arena.

2.5-3.5% Interests Variable for 45-70 days!

(shakehandfund.com), HYIP Innovation, Royalty7 (royalty7.com), Solid Cash (solid-cash.net), Profit Accumulator (profit-accumulator.com), EnlargingMoney (enlargingmoney.com), Loyal Deposit (loyaldeposit.com), TopsFund (topsfund.org), Ave24Pro (ave24pro.biz.ua), HourInvest (hourinvest.net), Mass Paid (masspaid.com), Fertison Capital (fertisoncapital.com), Perfect Profit (prfectprofit.com), SwcoCapital (swcocapital.com), SwapInvest (swapinv.com), AltaForex (altaforex.net), SafeProgram (safeprogram.net), 8 Hours Plus (8hoursplus.com), Interest Storm (intereststorm.com), 12HourlyPro (12hourlypro.com), IncomeWith (incomewith.com), OilPartners (oilpartners.net), ALOMFinance (alomfinance.com), Lava Quality (lavaquality.com), Excellent Earn (excellentearn.com), Ext-SpeedFinance (ext-speedfinance.com), Fx Inco (fxinco.com), Large Money (large-money.com), FastMoney-inc (fastmoney-inc.com), XAU Forex Invest LLC (xauforex.net), Green-Deposit (green-deposit.com), Rico Funds (ricofunds.com).

The weekend was not rich in high quality programs. There's only one HYIP with the detailed description available in today's release of the HYIP Informational Survey. We are please to add the rest ones, which seem to be ordinary ones. Let us remind, you may ask any kind of questions about the programs you like or plan to invest. We'll make our own investigation and try to find out whether the HYIP is worth investing hard-earned money or not. And so far, there is only one that looks not trivial at all.

Top Earn Money - not paying
PMarkets - site offline
Key 4 Success Ltd - not paying
UnfxTrade - not paying
Fashion Investment - not paying
True Expert - not paying
Wsporstco - not paying
Capital Faran - not paying
Business Trade Group - not paying
Erinco Fund - not paying
Conten Trade Capital Group - not paying
Venture Capital Express - not paying
Sapainv - not paying
Artificial Casting - not paying
Rapy Wealth - not paying
BexFund - not paying
Freedom Trading Ltd - not paying
Emas Money - not paying
Sunshine Profits - not paying
B Investment - not paying

We are back with the section of Problem programs. This Tuesday it is more numerous than the previous Friday. The weekend seems to be not good at all for lots of programs that are now experiencing problems with payouts.All programs mentioned above are currently having troubles, whether the site is offline or simply have missing payouts, this are all negative features, which can prove just one thing: until things become clearer, until the status is changed (if changed eventually) to positive, these programs are not recommended for investing. If you have any questions or may have a warning or a report regarding any of programs, you can contact us anytime.

Vipinvest (vipinvest.net) has made the modifications to the referral program. From now on, besides usual 9% referral bonus members will get extra 10% from the income their referral gain. Such an incredible campaign looks extremely suspicious, everyone knows what can be next. Hope that in case with Vipinvest (vipinvest.net) this modification will not lead to closure of the program and loosing money by their members. Anyway, stay alert, dear investors!

Good News. Facing (facing.name) is the only good news for today. This program is the only one among the Problem HYIPs from the previous HYIP Informational Survey that managed to recover its Paying status. AS for the rest, they are all closed. Sorry for that, dear investors. And at the same time, congratulations to all investors of Facing (facing.name). We are still watching this program, if you have any reports or warnings about it, please send them to HYIPNews.com We'll investigate them.

Welton Trust (259 days), Unitrust Direct (216 days), WaskoFund (70 days), Grown Fund (41 days), Best My Finance (31 days), Super 5 (12 days), Plasma Invest (11 days), Neo Progress (257 days), Roi Dollars (6 days), Mvp Partner (7 days), Saga Income (8 days).

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