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Openings. Dear visitors! we are sorry for the problems with the site downtime. The downtime was because of the hosting provider, who was referring to some sort of "network issues". Unfortunately, due to those issues, we were not able to update the site in a proper way. now everything is all right and we hope that downtimes and access troubles will not happen again. As far as we know, some of our readers are still not able to access the site, let us assure you, this problem is temporal.
No matter, what dear readers, we welcome to the HYIP informational survey provided by HYIPNews.com. The hottest news from the world of high yield investing, regular updates of the HYIPs online are at your attention. All the changes in in the paying statuses of the programs, news about the problem ones and good news on returning from Problems. All this is given in the HYIP Informational Survey by HYIPNews.com. Hot forum discussions and blog updates - all this is provided at your attention by the team of HYIPNews.com. Enjoy your reading! As usually we start with the Openings of the week:

FX Galleon
(fxgalleon.biz) 7.8-8.6% daily for 15 days!
Solid Forex Ltd. 0.5-3% daily!

(managerproinvest.com), Gold Growth (gold-growth.com), Investa Concept (investa-concept.com), Big Investment (big-inv.com), Unlimited-Investment (unlimited-investment.com), Genius Trades (geniustrades.com), Express Income (express-income.com), Tomorrow Cash (tomorrow-cash.com), Supreme Hyip (supremehyip.com), Pirate Profit (pirateprofit.com), ChampionsFund (championsfund.net), GatoFund (gatofund.com), AmerixFund (amerixfund.com), Forex Increase (forex-increase.com), Money-Solutions Investment (money-solutions.biz), WineInvest (wineinvest.biz), Success-Travel (success-travel.biz), Forever Infinity (forever-infinity.com), Our-DreamOnline (our-dreamonline.com), Inter-Money-Finance (inter-money-finance.com), 711Investor (711investor.com), Major Fund (major-fund.com), Smart Depositary (smartdepositary.com)

As usually, there are many new programs. Unfortunately, quantity does not always mean the quality. As you can see there are only 2 programs with more or less detailed description presented in the Openings section. The rest are all template-like and don't look serious. Perhaps we are wrong when making this statement and among the large number of programs above there are some, potential leaders of the industry. Well then... i wish it was true we are eager for more new really long-term investment opportunities.

Top Earn Money - site offline
Global FX Trades UK Ltd - not paying
Arbs Capital - not paying
Investment Core - not paying
2breed - not paying
- not paying
Web-Corporate - not paying
JB and MB Investments - not paying
Effective Fund - site offline
Interest Storm - not paying
FX Inco Ltd - not paying

The list of Problem programs is very small today. Congratulations to all HYIP investors. This is considered to be a good week. The shorter this section is the more happy investors are. Profit is paid, site are working online. Anyway, despite the short list, there are still programs which are not recommended for investing. And they are mentioned above. Please take your time to make due diligence every time you are planning to make a deposit to any HYIP, which is now online. The HYIPNews.com is always ready to assist you with the due diligence of your own. Don't hesitate to contact us on any occasion that seems doubtful for you, or just with any question, or warning, or alert. You may contact us with anything that you might be interested in.

Events. VirtualPayments (vpay.bz) has changed the interest rates suddenly, without any prior notice. It may raise the red flag for investors, cause from now on the program looks much more profitable. Instead of previously declared 3.7%-5.7% for 90 day the program is about to pay 7%-9% for 30 days. The difference is significant. One more notice regarding this change by VirtualPayments (vpay.bz) is that the new interests are only applied to new deposits. All programs launched earlier are still working at old rates. Not fair, isn't it!

FinMarks (finmarks.com) has issued a newsletter, explaining the reason why the withdrawals to Perfect Money are not processed instantly sometimes. The reason is that the automatic withdrawals are not working fine with the script of FinMarks (finmarks.com), though the admin is asking everyone not to worry about that, once the trouble occurs, the payout is completed manually within minutes after the request is made.

Fertison Capital (fertisoncapital.com) has implemented the new security system to their site. The new system includes database encryption and powerful antiDDoS tool. From now on Fertison Capital (fertisoncapital.com) guarantees the safety of your e-mail, e-currency account number and personal data.

Good News. Today there's a really good news. 11 HYIPs, which were in problems on Tuesday are now ok and got pack to paying. Here are the winners :) Key 4 Success Ltd (key4success.com) Fashion Investment (fashioninv.com), True Expert (trueexpert.net), Wsporstco (wsporstco.com), Capital Faran (capitalfaran.com), Business Trade Group (businesstradegroup.biz), Conten Trade Capital Group (contentrade.com), Venture Capital Express (vncx.net), Artificial Casting (artificialcasting.net), Freedom Trading Ltd (freedomtradingltd.com) and B Investment (binv.us). Our congratulations to admins and investors of these HYIPs!

The famous exchanger, xChanger (xChanger.org) has made an offer for all willing to exchange AlertPay at discounted rates. The offer is for limited time only. And here are the new rates:

AlertPay to Liberty Reserve at 5.9% (down from 9.9%)
AlertPay to SolidTrust Pay at 3.9% (down from 7.9%)
AlertPay to Perfect Money at 5.9% (down from 9.9%)

Let us remind you again, this is a limited time offer and the exchange is only FROM AlertPay to other e-currencies and not from other e-currencies TO AlertPay.

Closures. PMarkets (293 days), UnfxTrade (99 days), Sapainv (49 days), Rapy Wealth (34 days), BexFund (25 days), Emas Money (12 days), Sunshine Profits (9 days), Astra Finance (88 days), Safe Capitalia (42 days), Metal Invest Group (10 days), Speed Traders (25 days), PreFinances (30 days), Rapy Wealth (34 days), Forenax (37 days), Casino Resort (173 days).

HYIP Blogs. Do you have any idea, what sport arbitrage is? Frank, the admin of the Private HYIP Monitor, is trying to reveal the secrets of one sport arbitrage scam, asking for the interview. You want to see the interview answered, no problem, just follow this link: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2011/11/18/ask-your-sport-arbitrage-questions-to-arbs/

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