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Dear visitors, unfortunately, our hosting provider has experienced new troubles. Due to that our site was down again. For that reason, publication of the HYIP Informational Survey was not possible. The HYIP informational survey will be published today instead. We apologize for the inconveniences caused.

Dear visitors! The HYIP world is constantly changing. New programs appear and close every single day. The HYIP market is one of the most volatile, and hence one needs to know it well, while surfing it. One needs to learn about the changes in time. HYIPNews.com is your leading light in the sphere of high yield investing. Our regular HYIP informational survey will update you on hot events from the world of HYIPs. It will also inform you of the latest updates of new and problems programs. All this information is provided for free in the HYIP Informational Survey by HYIPNews.com!

FalcoMax (falcomax.com) 5-7% daily for 30-40 days!
RelianceProfit (relianceprofit.com) 0.5-2% daily for 7-180 days!
Real Fusion Ltd. 1.2-2.1% daily for 69-189 calendar days!

(geteasyprofits.com), Dreams Life (dreams-life.com), Crest Income (crestincome.com), Money Income (moneyincome.org), Nitro Car Investment (nitrocarinvestment.com), Million-Cash (million-cash.com), Greed Money (greedmoney.com), JustGoldFire (justgoldfire.com), Magic Money Funds (magicmoneyfunds.com), IIP Business (iipbusiness.com), Online-Invest (online-invest.biz), MaxMoneyInv (maxmoneyinv.com), ForexReflex (forexreflex.com), Advanced Earn (advancedearn.com), Safe Liberty (safeliberty.biz), AfxReturn (afxreturn.com), Stock Spend (stockspend.com), WalletHourly (wallethourly.com), Class1Income (class1income.com), Diamond Investment Club.

So, dear readers. As you may see the list of new programs is rather large as usual. More likely, the absolute majority are nothing like typical template-like HYIPs, which would possibly stay not more than a month or even less. First of all, we recommend you to take a closer look at the programs in the first section of the Openings section, the ones with the detailed description. At least they look original. Whatever your choice is, please don't forget to make your own due diligence. HYIPNews.com is ready to assist you with any possible question.

Oil Windfall Profits - not paying
Vertex Profit - not paying
Facing - not paying
Silver 22 - not paying
Climber Club Investment - not paying
Fin Marks - not paying
Ecashsea - not paying
Legal Shares - not paying
Best Daily Revenue - not paying
B Investment - not paying
8 Hours Plus - not paying
Excellent Earn - not paying
Growing-Profit - not paying
Champions Fund - not paying
Smart Depositary - not paying
Wine Invest - not paying

There are many additions to the Problems section this time. The list is as large as it is always. Unfortunately, we've never missed this section in any of the previous releases of the HYIP Informational Survey. All the programs mentioned above are dangerous to invest. The risk of being scammed is enormous. So, if you set your mind on investing to any of those programs, at least wait till the status is changed to Paying. In case this change actually happens, we'll surely let the readers know about that in the next release of the informational survey in the Good News section, this Friday.

Events. APEnergyInvest (apenergyinvest.com) has made up the so-called Twitter competition, and announced the weekly winner. Those, willing to join the weekly contest can learn the rules in the update posted on the site of APEnergyInvest (apenergyinvest.com).

Special referral bonus campaign is presented by TopsFund (topsfund.org). $1 is given to a member for referring every one new account to the project. The accounts should be valid. Self-referring is prohibited. This campaign is a trivial case. Seems that TopsFund (topsfund.org)is in need of new members. The newsletter gives some explanation that it's a good chance to win some extra cash for the Christmas holidays. Whatever it is, very much likely it's not a good sign for investors.

Instanty (instanty.net) has made the the phone support available from now on. You are offered to call +6281703357075 or +919853252461 for any help.

Good News. Despite the small number of Problem programs last time, we have 3 HYIPs, which managed to get back to paying their members. Our congratulations to admins and investors of 2breed (2breed.net), Effective Fund (effectivefund.com) and FX Inco Ltd (fxinco.com). And these are all good news for today.

Closures. Top Earn Money (548 days), Investment Core (78 days), Nature-Forex (20 days), Web Corporate (20 days), Perfect&Safe (13 days), ForexFond (13 days), Profit4fund (13 days), Global FX Trades UK Ltd (165 days), Erinco Fund (82 days), A3fx (33 days), Lava Quality (8 days), Rico Funds (7 days), Unlimited-Investment (6 days), Interest Storm (8 days), JB and MB Investments (15 days).

HYIP Blogs.
Frank, the admin of the Private HYIP Blog is sharing his view concerning his decision on investing money to one of recently appeared HYIPs. The reasons he is giving are pretty much interesting and worth thinking of. Anyway, let us remind you, the final decision is yours. Don't follow any pieces of advice until you make your own due diligence. If you want to know more about the recommendations of Frank, follow this link for details: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2011/11/21/why-i-invested-200-in-vncx

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