Updated: 11/23/2011 12:49
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Stable Profit has a newsletter for you that has been sent out due to the projects 70 days of operation in the HYIP industry

Stable Profit (presented here) has a newsletter for you that has been sent out due to the project's 70 days of operation in the HYIP industry. The administration considers it to be a great result (and it is really so because the project is a short-term one and pays high ROI: 105%-130% after 1 day, 116%-200% after 3 days, 136%-500% after 6 days, 1000% after 10 days and 3000% after 25 days).

It is reported that there are 2600 members at the moment and this number keeps growing (100 new members register each day). The Alexa traffic rank of Stable Profit has reached 133,402 (take a look at Alexa stats here. The admin promises again to improve the project and add Live Chat support, their own forum and many other features. So far, these have been nothing more than promises made in each newsletter, so we need real actions to see that the admin is really making efforts to make Stable Profit better.

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