Updated: 11/30/2011 15:11
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The admin of Real Fusion (that offers 1.2%2.1% daily for 69189 calendar days and principal returned on expiry) has a security recommendation for all...

The admin of Real Fusion (that offers 1.2%-2.1% daily for 69-189 calendar days and principal returned on expiry) has a security recommendation for all investors of the program. So, for more security, you should enable the “Detect IP Address Change Sensitivity” and “Detect Browser Change” under “Security” in your account. When you activate those features, an activation message will be sent to your email every time you change the IP address or browser. This will make your account better protected from hackers.

For everyone interested in the situation on the gold and precious metals markets, the administration of Venture Capital Express has prepared the following update: “The Dollar Is Likely To Spur Precious Metals To Move Higher. Analysts for Goldman Sachs have recently predicted that low interest rates will keep gold prices climbing for the rest of this year and into 2012 and raised their price forecasts for the precious metal to $1,930 per ounce from $1,860. So far this year, the price of gold is up about 26 percent.”

P.S. For details about an investment offer of VNCX read its Presentation.

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