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In the Hyip Informational Survey 109 see the latest news on programs, hot blog updates and forum discussions

Openings. Another week is over. And as usually on Friday, the HYIPNews.com is providing you with the latest information from the arena of HYIP. The HYIP Informational Survey by HYIPNews.com is giving you the latest news on programs, the updates on problem and new programs as well as the review of hot blog updates and forum discussions. Stay tuned and make your fortune, basing upon the knowledge of HYIPNews.com specialists. And we start with the openings of the week:

FraternityFunds (fraternityfunds.com) 1.1-13.% hourly or 150% after 120 hours!

EarnerParadise (earnersparadise.com), LeaderEarn (leaderearn.com), Micro-Fund (micro-fund.com), CashFlowCore (cashflowcore.com), Mutual Money Fund (mutualmoneyfund.com), Quality Earnings (quality-earnings.com), Net Income FX (netincomefx.com), Empire Finance (empire-finance.net), uBUCK (ubuck.biz), Succeed Finance (succeedfinance.com), BestEmoneyRoad (bestemoneyroad.com), Strong Money (strong-money.com), Earnings Center (earnings-center.com), Bounty Trades (bountytrades.com), Now Dollar (nowdollar.biz), Como Funds (comofunds.com), MacroFund (macro-fund.com), Investor-Great (investor-great.com), Hit 4 List (ptc.hit4list.com), FACT (factunion.com), Mega Funds (mega-funds.com), TradeTeamPro (tradeteampro.com).

Ok then, just 1 program with the detailed description and a pack of ordinary low-quality potential soon scams. Beware, dear investors, Black December is here! More info on the Black December you will get reading the Events section of our HYIP Informational Survey. And now we are proceeding to the Problems section. Good luck with your investment choice.

FXSafer - not paying
LyoFund - not paying
Income With - not paying
Diamond Investment Club - not paying

There are not many Problem programs today. There are only 4 of them actually. It's a good news for investors, meaning this week was comparatively quiet. Hope, next time we are going to release the HYIP Informational Survey, this number will be less, and all programs, which are in Problems now will be moved to the Good News section. Wish it could be true. Anyway, time will show.

Events. First of all, let us tell you that we have all entered the Black December, the period, which is considered to be the most dangerous for HYIP investors. The reason for it being so dangerous is that many HYIP admins are opening lots of low-quality and most often ultra short-term programs with one purpose - to make good portion of money for the holidays. Many newbie investors are also of the same opinion and wish to earn money to celebrate Christmas and buy some presents for the beloved ones. And hence this is controversial, where the winner is the one who can control the money better. Stay calm, dear investors! Don't rush into high interest HYIPs. Act wisely, especially during the Black December. And now let's proceed to the events of particular programs.

TopsFund (topsfund.org) has posted two updates on the site. One is regarding the capital earned. And frankly speaking this sounds like a pure lies. 1 Million USD earned for the period of 6 months. This is nearly unbelievable. They accept Liberty Reserve, not even the bankwire and claim to make 1 Million USD. Wish we could trust it, though we can't. Another update of the TopsFund (topsfund.org) HYIP is announcing the Top Investor & Top Referral December 2011. Each of the winners get $10000 credited to the account balances. And one more time, this information cannot be verified at all. We just can choose whether we trust this update or not. Whatever the truth is, the project is developing and is posting regular updates, and this is a good sign. Let's see what goes next...

APEnergyInvest (apenergyinvest.com) is taking the Twitter contest where anyone can get $100 simply for tweeting about the program. One more event on APEnergyInvest (apenergyinvest.com) is opening of their official Facebook page. Congratulations!

OilandGold has uploaded the video presentation made by HYIPNews.com on Youtube. Good way of advertising, actually... Many HYIPs are taking this opportunity from us and enjoy the result. Hope OilandGold (oil-and-gold.com) liked it as well.

Good News. Investor Words (investorwords.net) and ExpoFunds (expofunds.com) are the 2 programs, which were lucky to be moved from the Problem to the Good News section. Congratulations to all the investors! As for the rest, they are now closed.

Closures. Facing (43 days), Swco Capital (17 days), IipBusiness (11 days), Persona Inv (51 days), Citycash (30 days), Effective Fund (22 days), Advanced Earn (11 days), Safe Program (18 days).

HYIP Blogs.
The HYIPInvestigation web portal has posted the update, giving his vie on promising 5 programs to be watched in December 2011. See the full article, following the link: http://hyipinvestigation.com/featured/promising-5-hyip-programs-to-look-forward-to-in-december-2011/

Frank, the admin of the Private HYIP Blog is posting another update, it's a poll actually asking for people's opinion on the question if Hyper Compound will scam soon or not. Well, this question is really interesting for lots of investors, HYIPNews.com included. The point of view given by Mr. Frank is worth attention and rises many questions concerning the future of this particular program and the HYIP future as a whole. See the full update, following the link: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2011/11/30/will-hyper-compound-scam-soon/

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