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Solid Forex (presented here ) just like many other programs is looking for local representatives who will promote a project in their native languages...

Solid Forex (presented here) just like many other programs is looking for local representatives who will promote a project in their native languages in different parts of the world. A decision to launch a representatives program is explained by numerous requests of investors of the project. With local representatives, support services are promised to be more sufficient. If you want to be a representative of Solid Forex, the following information is for you:

1. You must have $300 minimum on your account.
2. You must have solid experience and good knowledge of the investment process.
3. You must now all important information about Solid Forex.
4. You must have a valid phone number and an e-mail address to support project's customers. They will be verified, because it is very important that they really work.

If you apply, you will receive 10% commissions on the first level of the affiliate program (the standard rate is 5%). You will also have the opportunity to increase the number of your referrals with project's customers as well as your own referrals. The administration continues:

“If you have serious intention to become our regional representative in your area, we can help with compensation for the cost of renting office (you must provide a copy of the check) and other organizational expenses of up to 50% of total cost. Also, affiliate comissions will increase to 15% when you will have 50 active referrals with real deposit.”

As you can see, the offer is serious and the administration of Solid Forex even wants its local representatives to have offices where they can meet investors. If you like the offered terms, then contact the support center by filling out the feedback form on the website, sending an email to or by clicking on a live chat icon. There is also a voice mail +1 845 827 1427, and a phone number +441133504615.

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