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Openings. We are here and back with the HYIP Informational Survey provided by HYIPNews.com. As usually our team has collected the latest news from the HYIP programs for the recent days, presenting it to you. You will know about recently opened new programs, as well as about the programs, which are in problem now. All new updates from the most popular HYIP blogs and forums are at your attention in the HYIP Informational Survey provided by HYIPNews.com. We are working for you! Stay tuned! Ad here go the openings of the weekend:

Fx Locker 0.6-1.3% daily for 120 business days!
Net Income FX (netincomefx.com) 1.3-2.5% daily for 15-60 days!
Raising Budget (raisingbudget.com) Up to 9% daily for 20 days!
Statics Trade 2-3% daily for 100 days!
OZMO Funds (ozmofunds.com) 2-3.5% daily for 60 days!

White-Cube-Investments (white-cube-investments.com), Risk Capital Fund, Alban Energy (albanenergy.com), Bank-INV (bank-inv.com), NoRiskStrategy (noriskstrategy.com), Hourly Profit Time, Veridian Fund (veridianfund.com), WebDollars, JustDollar (just-dollar.net), Best Time For Money (best-time-for-money.com), Reliable Investment (reliableandtrust.com), DL Pro Manager (dlpromanager.com), Capital Speed (capital-speed.com), Bet-Exp (bet-exp.com), Eric Funds (ericfunds.com), Secured Earn (securedearn.com), GoldFundsInvest (goldfundsinvest.com), Trust-Investing (trust-investing.com), RegularProfit (regularprofit.com), BroElite (broelite.com), Forex-Engine (forex-engine.net).

Today we have five rather interesting investment offers on top of the openings section. The weekend can be considered successful. Investors definitely have something to choose from for diversifying investment portfolios. The 5 programs with the detailed description is not a recommendation by HYIPNews.com. We are just pointing them out for having original design, for being potentially long-term programs thanks to decent interest rates offered. We are also based upon our experience. That is why, before making any sort of deposit to any new program, always make your due diligence, no matter a HYIP is recommended by anyone or not.

Sdra Investment - not paying
Top Capitalist - not paying
Fashion Investment - not paying
SingInvest - not paying
Capital Faran - not paying
Oil Forex Investing Co - not paying
Successful Dollars - not paying
Diamond Investment Club - not paying
Best Instant - not paying
FX Federal - not paying
Earners Paradise - not paying
Succeed Finance - not paying
Updc Fund - not paying
Doto Business - not paying

The Black December is is action. On top of the Problem list there are some very longterm programs, which presumably couldn't make through the Crhistmas holidays, the most hard time both for the HYIP investors and admins. However, at the same time, at the bottom of the list we also see some brand-new programs, which have been just launched and now experience troubles accordingly. All in all, we should notice, it will be interesting to watch the market after the holidays at the start of the year 2012. And meanwhile, dear investors, beware of the programs given above, they are dangerous to invest, at least right now.

Events. The admin of APEnergyInvest (apenergyinvest.com) seems to be the first among the HYIP admins, who posted the New Year and Christmas update on his site. The update is giving announce regarding the trading days and withdrawal profit during holidays. And you know what, dear investors... this programs is about to pay all the profit, during the entire holiday period. The support service of APEnergyInvest (apenergyinvest.com) will operate restricted service, though who cares, if the profit is paid, actually.

ForexReflex (forexreflex.com) has also announced the news concerning the Near Year and Christmas. Actually, it's not some sort of the news, it's the Christmas & New Year's Campaign. The campaign term is pretty short, it's active from 02/12 2011 10:00 GMT to 09/12 2011 10:00 GMT. The terms are as follows: all investments equal or greater than $100, will get a 10% bonus from ForexReflex (forexreflex.com). Looks like another way to attract investors' money.

The update on the site of BrantonsGroup (brantonsgroup.com) is rather weird. Some empty words, just the congratulations and wishing good health to everyone. While the next update is more exact. BrantonsGroup (brantonsgroup.com) has announced that on the 6th and the 7th this month investors won't receive profit due to a global system upgrade. Looks like they are about to shut down and now it is just an attempt to take some more time and money. We'll see how long it will take for the program to close down.

Good News. Last time we had a very small list of Problem programs, which left us no hope for the good news today. Unfortunately everything happened as we thought. There are no good news today. All programs, which were Problem last Friday are now closed or still experience problems. And this means, there is no good news for today, dear investors.

Closures. FXSafer (113 days), Income With (22 days), Alton-Investment (29 days), Virtual Payments Inc (37 days), Cash Flow Core (7 days), Como Funds (5 days).

HYIP Blogs. The admin of HYIPInvestigation.com has posted an update for the newbies explaining the meaning of the "Black December". In this update the author is putting himself in the shoes of a hyip admin and is trying to give his idea on opening a short-term scam HYIP. Of course the scheme he is describing is not an ideal and it's not necessary the way it will work in the real life, however, the main points are obvious. See the detailed update following the link: http://hyipinvestigation.com/newbies/how-to-build-a-perfect-hyip-scam/

Frank, the admin of the Private HYIP Blog is posting the large interview with the admin of the program Uinvest. See the full interview here: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2011/12/04/uinvest-interview/

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