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In the latest newsletter the admin of Tvitraders encourages investors of his program to send their feedback because he wants to improve the provided...

In the latest newsletter the admin of Tvitraders encourages investors of his program to send their feedback because he wants to improve the provided services and figure out whether investors are satisfied with currently offered investment terms. You can even send an audio file with a record of your voice and tell everyone what you think about Tvitraders. In order to do that, you have to send an mp3 file to You should send a recording in clear voice and in English. The program's visitors will then be able to listen to your feedback when they surf It is also informed that now you can listen to music while surfing the website, so the admin welcomes you to enjoy new features.

And the admin of HYIPInnovation decided to remind everyone about the major terms of the investment plans offered in his program and that there is an investment calculator on the website that will help you quickly figure out how much money you will make in one or the other plan. The latest update is called “HYIP Innovation - The Multiples of 5!” and he explains why:

“As today's news release title implies and to help everyone understanding our plans better, I wanted to point out that all of our investment plans are revolving around the number 5. There are 5% in daily earnings, they are credited 5 times a week, our minimum plan duration is 5 weeks and depending on chosen by you program participation level, your pure profits will be the multiple of 5 times 5.”

If you want to make more money but do not want to invest a larger amount, you can simply reinvest the money received at the end of the term and make more profit in such a way. Also Sean stresses that the maximum deposit will remain limited to $1,000 because of a number of important reasons, so if you want to invest more than $1,000, you can create more than one deposit, but of course, they can not be connected by a referral link.

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