Updated: 12/09/2011 15:45
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Official newsletter from Felmina Alliance has been received. According to the information from Felmina the company is in Panama

An official weekly newsletter from Felmina Alliance has been received. According to the information provided by Felmina, the company is located in Panama and therefore observes all national holidays of this country as well as all holidays in the US when most businesses there do not operate. Yesterday investors did not get paid because of the Mother's Day in Panama and if you are an investor of Felmina or are just going to make a deposit, make sure to read the full list of holidays observed by the project, so that you will not be surprised when you do not receive your profit on some days. This list for 2011 and 2012 can be viewed in the FAQ section.

Another important thing the administration informed about in the newsletter, is that they are currently working on a global network of regional representatives. More details on this network will be provided soon. And for now if you are interested in representing Felmina in your area, send emails at [email protected] and the support team will contact you back with further details. It is also informed that the German version of the website will be available soon. For more information on Felmina watch a recently released Video Review. I'm sure you will find it useful and informative!

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