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Please take your time to read the HYIP Informational Survey 111 published by Brett Sherpan on December 09, 2011

Openings. Dear readers! It's Friday and it's time for the HYIP Informational Survey release. New updates from the world of HYIP. Latest events and blog updates are provided to you by the HYIPNews.com team. The updates about Problem programs this week. New openings on the market. All this is provided to you in the HYIP Informational Survey by HYIPNews.com.

FX Moguls (fxmoguls.com) 2.4-3.7% daily for 150 days!

MaizaCliqs (maizacliqs.com), Panama Hyip (panamahyip.com), Christmas Inv (chrismas-inv.com), HotInvestmentTradings (hotinvestmentradings.com), GG Bank (gg-bank.com), GeniusInvestments (geniusinvestments.org), Dollars Instant (dollars-instant.com), AudCapital (audcapital.com), BestMoneyMakerHourly (bestmoneymakerhourly.in), SpeedyGain (speedygain.com), Future Gain (futuregain.biz), Pay Pays (pay-pays.com), EliteMoney (elitemoney.biz), Extech Finance Investment (extechfinance.com), Bery Fund (beryfund.com), HighProfitInv (highprofitinv.com), TopWallet (topwallet.net), Score Fund (scorefund.net).

The list of new programs this week is very large. Please make your choice thoroughly. Think twice before jumping in any of the new investment opportunities appeared online. One more time let us remind you, due diligence is highly recommended. Most of the programs, given above, are the short-term high risky HYIPs, which can close pretty soon. That is why, don't be in a hurry when making your investment decision.

Oil and Gold - not paying
InterTrend - not paying
LyoFund - not paying
Stock Spend - not paying
Cash Tipper - not paying
Best Time For Money - not paying

There are only 6 new problem programs this Friday. And several programs that experienced problems are now Ok and seem to restore their paying statuses. More details about these programs you can see in the Good News section of our HYIP Informational Survey. Despite the good signs not everything is good. Some of the problem programs since this Tuesday were closed. Please be careful, dear investors. Don't invest to any of programs given above, at least until next Tuesday, when we can draw some2 conclusions regarding the future of these programs. In case you are interested in any information about any of HYIPs, please contact us. The HYIPNews.com team will do its best to provide you with any information, which is available or if possible with some insight information as well.

Events. Unfortunately there are no more news regarding the programs, which are not listed with HYIPNews.com. Far more and more programs are added to our monitoring and according to the rules when preparing this informational survey, we are not posting events regarding the programs, not listed with us. Hence for today we have only one event, all the rest are news are given as usually in the news feed from HYIPNews.com

InvestCore (investcore.biz) have updated the Forex statement for the recent two weeks. You can see the details on their official site InvestCore (investcore.biz).

Good News. Sdra Investment (sdrainvest.com), Fashion Investment (fashioninv.com), Capital Faran (capitalfaran.com), Oil Forex Investing Co (oilforexinvesting.com) and Successful Dollars (successfuldollars.com). Congratulations! Dear investors and admins of these programs. You may sleep well, at least for now, cause the problems with these HYIPs, seem to be temporal. Now they are working and bring good news to heir investors current and potential ones.

Empire Finance Group (556 days), SingInvest (78 days), Diamond Investment Club (19 days), Best Instant (17 days), FX Federal (11 days), Succeed Finance (9 days), Updc Fund (11 days), Doto Business (10 days), Mutual Money Fund (10 days).

HYIP Blogs.
Closer to the end of the year 2011, it's possibly the right time to look back and try to analyze what HYIPs can be considered the best ones for 2011. Of course everyone may have his own opinion, just like Frank, the admin of Private HYIP Blog. In his new article he is describing 10 HYIPs, which are the best ones for him for 2011. Frank assumes, if you invested earlier to as many HYIPs as possible from his list of the best ones, you are in profit and definitely your HYIP strategy is winning. There are even some HYIPs, which are now closed, and still Frank considers them the best in 2011. See the full article here: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2011/12/08/best-passive-investments-online-top-10-hyips-of-2011/

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