Updated: 12/12/2011 11:02
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Sean from HYIPInnovation is one of the most actively communicating admins in the industry these days. He posts regular newsletters for his investors...

Sean from HYIPInnovation is one of the most actively communicating admins in the industry these days. He posts regular newsletters for his investors and today there is a fresh one for you. You probably feel confused during the holiday seasons every year just like any other HYIP investor. Many projects close during this time and it is very difficult to predict which one will continue operating the next year. Projects close because there are fewer investors who are willing to make deposits because it is a time to buy presents and celebrate holidays, so many investors simply leave the industry and return when holidays are over.

Admins are people too, and they also need money to celebrate, so they are waiting for the good opportunity to leave with as much money as they manage to collect. Therefore every winter season is very unstable and making deposits now is quite risky, so we recommend that you invest less then usually for a while. And the admin of HYIPInnovation also has advices for you, which should be interesting for you to read because they come from “the other side of the field”, from an admin. He says many concerned investors contacted him asking how to behave financially in the HYIP industry during this season.

Sean thinks that you should behave according to the type of people you belong to. The first group of people is relatively small and it is those who believe in the so called "industry crisis": “We do think that their opinion should be respected and what this group of people should probably do is to simply forget about HYIPs, go and do other useful things and then come back after this period is over. This shouldn't be too difficult, especially because the "crisis" period seems to be well defined. I can't speak for other HYIPs, but HYIP Innovation, all grown and developed by that time, will for sure be happy to greet all of these HYIP vacationers back in January.”

The second group of people is represented by the majority of investors. These people invest during the year and there are no dangerous seasons for them: “The reason why I believe that most people interested in HYIPs belong to the latter group is because I don't think that anyone will be spending less time in front of their home computers, laptops, various Pads, smart-phones and whichever else gadget there is to connect to the Internet. This is why people will keep looking for better HYIPs such as HYIP Innovation, no matter what others are saying about "HYIP seasons".”

And the last group of investors are those who think "maybe yes, maybe no" – those who cannot decide. And Sean has an advice for this group too: “The solution for them is in fact as simple - just be more conservative with you HYIP participation level and invest moderately. If you are still hesitant, then January IS the time for you to revisit your considerations and to make up your mind.”

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