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Something strange is going on at Tvitraders . Its admin sends newsletters every day informing about different events and you’ll see why I&rsquo...

Something strange is going on at Tvitraders. Its admin sends newsletters every day informing about different events and you’ll see why I’m saying “strange”. First of all he informed that the number of members had reached 10000 (and 2730 of them were active). In the next newsletter it was reported about the closure of a special plan that was announced on December 8 and it was available for just a couple of days.

Then there was the following message: “We would like to tell you that our website is officially closed at last. We do not want to accept any invest anymore. And Thanks to everyone who invest with us.” After that another email was sent in which the admin of Tvitraders said that the program was not closed and also the told the following story:

“I was out of office in last 4 days. In this time our one staff was made withdrawals and others. And he do not make the pending withdrawals since 3 days that i can see. I just get this news today. As i know he also make few fake rcb request on monitors. I am extremly sorry for this reason.And I promiss all pending withdrawals will paid within 72 hours.And also sorry for my late of processed pending withdrawals.And you can again enjoy risk free investment.Don't worry just enjoy”

I believe you agree that the email is quite ambiguous and I wonder what kind of team stands behind Tvitraders. I don’t think it is worth making a deposit in the project that was unavailable, delayed payments, then returned and now has such problems in its management team. I always thought and still think that it is better not to choose projects that used to have problems and especially those the situation with which is unclear at the moment when you are going to make a deposit.

Therefore you should always collect as much information about a project as possible before investing in it. HYIPNews will always help you with this and you may use our search bar to find all news about a program you are interested in. In such a way you will see how it has been developing so far and whether there have been any problems with it.

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