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Openings. Dear readers! HYIPNews.com is happy to introduce the regular HYIP Informational Survey at your attention. The team of HYIPNews.com is working for you to provide the the latest information from the world of HYIPs. You will see the updates on Problems programs and the shortlist of the new programs that appeared since last Friday. Agents reports and hot blog updates along with the latest updates from HYIPs online is presented exclusively for HYIPNews.com readers. Stay tuned and get all info you need in one survey.

Eurasia Finance
(eurasia-finance.net) 2%-11% daily, payments 7 or 5 days a week!
FX Moguls 2.4-3.7% daily for 150 days!
Global Trade Trust (globaltradetrust.com) 1.4-2.5% daily for 150 days!
Gloria Gold (gloriagold.com) 3-4% dailt for 50 days!

Pleonic Progress, Speed Treasury (speedtreasury.com), Precise Real Funds (preciserealfunds.com), Victory Invest Group (victoryinvestgroup.com), Invest Guru (investguru.biz), MoneyDollar (money-dollar.com), MoneyGains (moneygains.net), Forex Trade Alliance (forex-trade-alliance.com), HotProfit (hotprofit.biz), BizNetFinance (biznetfinance.com), HighProfitSolutions (highprofitsolutions.com), SupremeFX (supremefx.biz), Best-MoneyProfit (best-moneyprofit.com), ChristmasInvestment (christmasinvestment.com), TureProfit (tureprofit.com), Federa Fund Management (federafundmanagement.com), FX Money Management (fxmoneymanagement.biz), Global Plan (global-plan.com), Hafmoney (hafmoney.com), Afon Gold (afongold.com), You Rich (you-rich.com), FxNeoTech (fxneotech.com), Hourly Earn (hourly-earn.net), DailyPayTripler (dailypaytripler.com), HourlyGoldFund (hourlygoldfund.com), Hourly Instant (hourly-instant.net), Business Goal (business-goal.com), CYC Union (cycunion.com), HourlyProfitTime (hourlyprofittime.com), Finance To Fortune (financetofortune.com), BlueProfit (blue-profit.com).

Today we have enormous number of new programs. There are lots of short term HYIPs and some long-term ones, really worth attention. we can consider the latest weekend very rich in openings. The closer Christmas holidays are, the more new programs appear. Well, then - "Black December" in action! Be careful, dear investors.

Macro Trade - not paying
Network Fund - not paying
Endless Profits - not paying
CBC Investment - not paying
Wsporstco - not paying
Tvitraders - not paying
Trader Assets - not paying
2breed - not paying
Silver 22 - not paying
Climber Club Investment - not paying
Ever Paying - not paying
Trusted Money Making - not paying
Facing - not paying
Reliance-Invest - not paying
Profits Empire - not paying
B Investment - not paying
Best eMoney Road - not paying
Hourly Profit Time - not paying
Mega-Funds - not paying
Trade Team Pro - not paying
Regular Profit - not paying
Speedy Gain - not paying

The "Black December" is in action. Far more and more programs, many of which are long-term and working online for more than a year are now experiencing problems. It is obvious not all of HYIPs can surviv Christmas period and this affected the Problem list of today's informational survey. We are sorry for listing so many Problem programs in the section above, and we are sorry for the investors of these HYIPs. Whatever it is, we still hope for the best, looking forward to resolving of all the problems by all HYIPs. Unfortunately it's nothing but a fairy-tale. Unfortunately, the absolute majority of the HYIPs, which are Problem now, are going to be closed by the time our next informational survey is released. Dear investors, try to get all you can out of these HYIPs. If you do, consider yourself a lucky person.

Events. LifeTimeProfits (lifetime-profits.com) has posted the newsletter giving their plans clarification.

HourlyProfitTime has implemented their first innovation - live support for the clients. Let's hope it's a good sign and this ultra short-term project will keep on making money for its investors for as long as possible.

Unfortunately there are no more news regarding the programs, which are not listed with HYIPNews.com. Far more and more programs are added to our monitoring and according to the rules when preparing this informational survey, we are not posting events regarding the programs, not listed with us. Hence for today we have only one event, all the rest are news are given as usually in the news feed from HYIPNews.com

Good News.
No good news for today, unfortunately. All programs that were Problem last time, are now closed.

AlertPay has posted the status update regarding the VISA and MasterCard processing. Currently there are troubles with deposit and withdrawal features as credit and debit card processing and in their official newsletter AlertPay apologizes for any inconvenience this service outage is causing.

SolidTrustPay adds Verified by VISA and 3D Securecode. This innovation makes STP a leader among e-currencies from the point of view of funding your account and withdrawing via credit cards. The detailed manual for using the 3DSecure is available in the official news from SolidTrustPay.

Another update from SolidTrustPay is concerning the new simpler account verification option enabled. The new Credit Card Verified status allows easier verification of your STP account for using it with deposits and funds withdrawals via credit and debit card.

Agents Reports and Readers Questions.
Today it's getting obvious that one of older leaders in the sphere of high yield investments, seem to experience serious problems. Particularly, here is one of the reports we received today:

Hello, Macrotrade seems to scam soon... Did try to reduce compounding rate which should be possible as per their terms and was possible all the time, now it only allows increasing compounding rate. Writing to the admin... no answer. Today published a new plan with only 45 days but higher interest than the other plan with 180 days... does not look good. Seems they just try to get the last money in.

As the result of getting this information the status of this program was changed, and its rating was lowered.

InterTrend (48 days), Cash Tipper (32 days), Best Time For Money (9 days), LPL Financial (219 days), Freedom-Reserve (42 days), Falcomax (22 days), Sapinv (12 days), Bro Elite (7 days), Dollars-Instant (6 days), Eric Funds (8 days), Leader Earn (14 days).

HYIP Blogs. A famous HYIP Uinvest is being discussed on the Private HYIP Blog. they are experiencing troubles with AlertPay, blocking their account and naaturally that caused some problems with payouts to investors Alertpay accounts. The detailed information regarding this trouble is discussed on the Private HYIP Blog: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2011/12/13/uinvest-problems-because-an-alertpay-scam/

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