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Openings. Dear readers of HYIPNews.com! Our editorial staff is publishing the regular HYIP Informational Survey. As usually on Tuesday, at the end of the week we are going to draw some conclusions on things going on the HYIP market. We shall post the updated list of Problem and New programs. Once there is any important discussion on any HYIP forum is taking place, we shall let you know about it in the informational survey. Once any HYIP blog posts any updates, we are here to share them with you. There are also agents reports on the HYIPs working online. All you need to know about HYIP arena is here in one place. And as usually we start with the openings of this weekend.

Wales Finance
(walesfinance.net) 1.4-3.1% daily for 180 trading days!
Net Income FX 1.3-2.5% daily 15-90 days!
HundFund (hundfund.com) 1.27-2.47% daily, from $10 to $750!
U8 Funds 1.5-2.25% daily for 90-180 days!
Online Invest 1.5-2.2% daily for 20-50 days!

HaFinance (hafinance.com), Success Fund (success-fund.com), Good-Earning (good-earning.com), FX Union (fx-union.com), Ambrian Investment (ambrian.net), TopProfit15 (topprofit.t15.org), Backbone Fund (backbone-fund.com), Pay Hourly (payhourly.net), Private Investment Fund (private-investfund.com), Milliontra Enterprises (milliontra.com), General Income (general-income.org), FX-3590 Traders Fund (fx-3590.com), BonusPlan (bonus-plan.com), HyipVip (hyipvip.com), Crown Swap (crownswap.com), Esprofit (esprofit.com), TopIncomeTrade (topincometrade.com), Quick Profits (q-profits.com), Trusted Investments (trustedinvestments.org), AFL Capital (aflcapital.com), HailInvest (hailinvest.biz), Biggest-Profit (biggest-profit.com), DailyInvesta (dailyinvesta.com), GoldenInvesting (golden-investing.com), BestBetFund (bestbetfund.com), Aya Business (ayabusiness.com), Diamond Forex (diamond-forex.net), LucrativeMart (lucrative-mart.com).

There are lots of new investment opportunities appearing every day. Among the large number, one can easily lose oneself. Naturally, some HYIPs may look better, some - worse. We are doing our best to help you with sorting out the HYIPs for you. As always the most interesting, maybe the unique ones, maybe the ones with the original script or not a cheesy investment package are presented to you on top of the list with the detailed description. As for the rest, there may be some that may be good, though the chance to earn with them for longtime investment is minimum. Remember, you can always ask for our advice, contacting the HYIPNews.com support team.

Macro Trade - not paying
Climber Club Investment - not paying
Audcapital - not paying
Finance To Fortune - not paying

And once again, second time in a row the list of Problem programs is not large at all. The explanations can be various, first of all within 3 days after the previous informational survey release, the programs got Problem status and were already moved to closed section. This happened to some of HYIPs. And another explanation is that many HYIPs online are just trying to survive the Christmas period and live through the "Black December" so that to go on working in 2012. Whatever the explanation is, we are glad to have such a short Problem section in the release of our HYIP Informational Survey.

Events. OneInv (oneinv.biz) admin has announced opening 2 new investment plans. 1500% after 300 days plan has been added earlier and now 2500% after 250 days plan is offered. The minimum to invest ion the newly added plan is $500. The amount is very high and the profit is too high as well for such an investment period.

Gloria Gold Ltd
(gloriagold.com) has added the multi-language support for their customers. So far we just see English, Russian, Indonesian and Indian icons, however, only English is working right now. AS informed in the latest news, this project is in process yet. Hope soon we'll see more languages and they will all be working for the site and for the support service of Gloria Gold Ltd (gloriagold.com) as declared.

Uinvest (uinvest.com.ua) has solved the troubles with AlertPay and payments renewed. Moreover they presented their innovation: GUN, which stands for Global Uinvest Network. The details of the GUN promotion platform are given once a member logs into his account. Investors of Uinvest (uinvest.com.ua) look rather enthusiastic about this business idea, so we'll have just to sit back and wait for the first results.

Good News. It would have been too good to be true if we had some good news since last Friday. The problem is that last Friday we only had 2 programs in the Problem section and hoping that at least one of them would renew the paying status is a very risky endeavor. And here we go... both programs are now closed, so you may see reference in the Closures section of this informational survey below.

AlertPay scandal is actually wider than we all could have expect. On November 25, the Canadian newspaper, The Montreal Gazette, did a lot to give out maximum possible information about AlertPay troubles, about how far it goes with it, as possible. The article says about 8 million account holders, which is too much for the HYIP users. What is the major part of the account holders doing. The accusation for AlertPay is to support illicit narcotics and child pornography by providing financial services to those dealing with these forbidden businesses. Naturally after such accusations, AlertPay bank accounts have been suspended. the bank authorities actually do not need any sort of proofs, the suspicion is enough and so they DID blocked the AP accounts, which in its turn led to continuous trouble with credit card processing. The future of AlertPay is rather suspicious. No official accusations from the government have been made yet, however let us assure you once the government gets involved into AP issue, this would possibly not mean anything good for them. Then they are more likely to go further underground, hence closer to Liberty reserve and Perfect Money.

Liberty Reserve will now allow choosing the type of account to be used when registering. Please mind, if you choose Personal, instead of Business, you won't be able to use the functionality of API. Keep that in mind, when registering the account with Liberty Reserve.

Agents Reports and Readers Questions.
Looks like it's not just MacroTrade, which has started to lose points facing the holidays. Big investors of the ReProFinance company have started to report of the payment delays. Fortunately these are just single instances for now. Fortunately we are in the middle of December and, obviously, cashflow has started to be in decrease. So, there are obvious reasons for the delays and they can be understood.

Of course these reasons by no means can be a brief for the admin. And this doesn't also override the fact, December-January period is a Milestone, that not every HYIP is about to cross.

However, please believe, far more programs will have problems, cheesy missing payouts, possible because the admin himself is busy with buying presents for the relatives.

That is why, we'd recommend you to be on guard. Collect information about the programs, and invest to the most reliable and proven ones. Unfortunately, two proven leaders are currently showing some negative tendencies. However, there are still reliable opportunities on top of the list.

LyoFund (58 days), Fortune Funds Ltd (56 days), ExpoFunds (27 days), Genius Investments (13 days), High Profit Inv (11 days), You Rich (8 days), Cyc Union (7 days), Instant Income (5 days), Afon Gold (8 days), FX Rona (22 days), CBC Investment (80 days), Stable-Profit (99 days).

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