Updated: 12/26/2011 16:55
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The last publication for today concerns holiday schedules provided by admins. Many programs won't pay on some days, so make sure you know when you should not expect for your daily profit. The project EurexTrade has the following official non-trading days: December 23 Bank Holiday in Japan; December 26 Bank Holiday in EU; December 27 Bank Holiday in UK; December 31 Bank Holiday in the USA. January 2-5 will also be non-trading due to the low market activity.

WorldWideCapital informs that profit won't be accrued on December 26-30 and on January 2. The days without profit at SolidForex are December 23, 27-28, 31 and January 31. WalesFinance will also have a break and won't pay from December 28 till January 2. All admins of the mentioned projects congratulate their investors on holidays.

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