Updated: 12/27/2011 18:05
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Openings. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, dear friends! The HYIPNews team wishes everyone health, happiness and good luck next year. Our team will make everything possible to remain your reliable informational source in 2012. And the regular HYIP informational survey will remain to provide you with the latest information regarding the new and problem programs, regarding the latest events from the life of HYIPs online, the latest updates from HYIP blogs and forums. And today it's Tuesday and our HYIP informational survey is offered at your attention.

ProBusinessFund (probusinessfunds.com), Superb-Investment (superb-investment.com), EUProfits (euprofits.com), VIP Inv (vip-inv.com), MassiveFund (massivefund.net), Etoro Gain Club (et-gain.com), Festive Invest (festiveinvest.com), HelioxTrio (helioxtrio.com), 2012 Investing (2012-investing.com), IncomFund (incomfund.com), Daily Lucre (dailylucre.com), Monetary Trades (monetarytrades.com), SuperInv (superinv.com), LifeTimeEarnings (lifetimeearnings.biz), Prime Investments (primeinv.com), ED Invest Group (edinvestgroup.com), Att Income (attincome.com), Apple Income (apple-income.com), Canada-Money (canada-money.com)

No programs with detailed descriptions this time. Closer to the end of the year, far more and more "fasts" appear online. Short-term HYIPs prevail this Tuesday and more often there are lots of common new websites. Please be careful, when you choose the new source for investing. The due diligence is highly recommended, especially today during holidays.

Macro Trade - not paying
Regenano - not paying
Arbs Web Ltd - not paying
Invest Core - not paying
XAU Forex LLC - not paying
Trust Investing - not paying
Speedy Gain - not paying
AFL Capital Investments Inc - not paying
Forex Muto Ltd - not paying
Global Investment Assets - not paying
Aya Business - not paying
Best Bet Fund - not paying
Aspire Fund - not paying

The list of Problem programs is much larger today after the Christmas. Looks like the top HYIPs experience problems. Macro Trade has experienced problems for a while, and Hyper Compound is a newcomer to the Problem section. Looks like this HYIP, which has been among the leaders of the industry for quite a long time, seems to have problems. There are also more newcomers to this section. Dear investors, please beware, these HYIPs are not recommended for investing.

Events. The main topics of the HYIP updates within the latest days is the Christmas holidays. Mostly the updates are Christmas & New Year congratulations and notifications regarding the payment delays and non-trading days. Still we'll try to find some worth attention ones.

TopsFund (topsfund.org) has posted two updates on the website. The first one is an ordinary congratulations message and the second update speaks of the payment delays on December 25th, due to Christmas holiday.

LegderWallet (ledgerwallet.com) has removed all the notifications about eDollarPoint, the questionable payment processor from his site. The admin has told that they were not going to accept this one anymore.

There is also another update from LegderWallet (ledgerwallet.com) asking all those, whose deposits are not credited to their accounts, to send the deposit information via e-mail.

Good News.
Last time we had a very small list of Problem programs, which left us no hope for the good news today. Unfortunately everything happened as we thought. There is no good news today. All programs, which were Problem last Friday are now closed or still experience problems. And this means, there is no good news for today, dear investors.

Inter-Money-Finance (40 days), Alban Energy Ltd (23 days), Just Gold Fire (36 days), Cit-Oil (5 days), Crown Swap (8 days), Inter-Money-Finance (40 days).

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