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Let’s take a look at a shortterm paying on expiry HYIP called PleonicProgress . We waited for this program to start paying in 2012 before we...

Let’s take a look at a short-term paying on expiry HYIP called PleonicProgress. We waited for this program to start paying in 2012 before we present it and fortunately it survived the holiday season and continues operating. If you love receiving quick money (and who doesn’t?) and are also a risk-taker, than you may get interested in PleonicProgress. The minimum deposit amount in all plans offered by this project is $10 and the maximum is limited to $50,000. As you understand, the more money you invest-the more profit you’ll make. There is a calculator in your member area on the “make deposit” page, so you can easily figure out how much money you will make. Take a look at the plans:

Plan 1: 103%-119% after 1 day; Plan 2: 107%-142% after 2 days; Plan 3: 115%-191% after 4 days; Plan 4: 132%-292% after 8 days; Plan 5: 167%-494% after 16 days and Plan 6: 300%-890% after 32 days.

If you have an account at LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney you can make a deposit in PleonicProgress, as these are the only accepted payment options. With regard to security features, the website is SSL secured by Comodo and is DDoS protected. The referral commission rate is 5%. Here is contact information presented on the website: Email:; Phone: +441905810087; Skype: pleonicprogress. And you can also contact the support center by filling out a feedback form.

PleonicProgress is a good project that has operated for 41 days and brought large profit to many investors. However, it is quite old for a short-term project, therefore we recommend that you make deposits in the shortest plan only (also note that yesterday on January 4 the admin of PleonicProgress announced a 10% bonus for all deposits made within 5 days. Such a bonus may be treated differently, but you should always understand the risks).

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