Updated: 01/06/2012 16:12
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We've got some alerts recently regarding OilForexInvesting.
Here are these alerts:

  1. I would like to report that oil forex investing is a scam. They only pay selected individuals mainly HYIP monitors. I can give you my username and password to confirm my claim
  2. OilForexInveting DON'T PAY. Bloody scammers! $100 are lost!
  3. I made a withdrawal of $100 on December 27, 2011 01:29:29 PM and till now I have not been paid. They paid others on 27, 28, 29 and 30 respectively. But they did not pay me. I wrote them several regarding this issue but only got the Auto Responder. Why are they paying others when they have not even paid me? And I still have active investment running that expires today. Amount: $1204 Please what do you think I should do?

Unfortunately, by the time we received these alerts, nothing could be done. The program stopped paying at once and the status has been changed to NOT PAYING. No comments!

Though yesterday OilForexInvesting has suddenly paid out the interests! This happened several weeks after the problems appeared, so the main question is: "what would that mean?" Unfortunately, no chance to hope for happy return. However, according to the statuses of the program, we are jnot the only one, who got the payment. The main question is still "whether INVESTORS got their interests?"

Selective payments to monitorings are nothing but the selective payments. It's a scam. And it's rather easy to disclose it - to define, whether this program pays to investors as well, or just to monitoring sites. That is why, if you have an active deposit at OilForexInvesting, please get back, telling, whether you got the payment. We've also got in contact with the authors of the alerts, and hopefully we'll have more information soon. So far, obviously, it's worth to go for investing to this program, despite the renewing of positive statuses on monitorings.

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