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The HYIP Information Survey 119 published by Joe Wong on January 10, 2012 is given below, you can see the detailed information about HYIP industry

Openings. Dear friends! There's time for another regular HYIP Informational Survey. We are ready to give you the latest information regarding the latest events from the world of HYIP industry. The new programs and the review of Problem HYIPs are presented. The latest updates from blogs and HYIP forums, along with the closures of the weekend. All this information is given to you by the team of HYIPNews.com in the regular HYIP Informational Survey.

NanoTechnologyFunds 1-2.8% daily for 20-60 days!
Luxor Alliance 1.8-2.8% daily for 15-60 days!
Finep Capital (finepcapital.com) 1.6-2.4% daily for 15-180 business days!
LMA Financials 2-3.5% daily for 50-113 working days!
InvFair 1.4-2.4% daily for 30-180 days!
ExpectFund (expectfund.com) up to 6% daily for 40 business days!
Junix Overseas 2.4% daily - 10% weekly for lifetime!

Maxi Earnings, Forex Engine (forex-engin.net), Strong Dollars, RichCorps (richcorps.com), Lucid Nature, Green Deposit (green-deposit.net), Huge Return (huge-return.com), MakeProfitV (makeprofitv.net), Earnest Return (earnestreturn.com), Perfects Industry (perfects-industry.com), Giga Return (giga-return.com), MaxOiCapital (maxoilcapital.com), Success Forex (success-forex.com), 100 Hours Incomes (100hoursincome.com), Beta Pay (beta-pay.com), GEO Trades (geotradesinc.com).

Today we have a very large number of new programs, and what is important, there are 7 programs with the detailed description, which means 7 programs, which are really worth investors' attention. We would first of all recommend investors pay attention to these programs, thus making sure the due diligence is made.

Commerce Favored - not paying
GBP Real Estate - not paying
Green Plants - not paying
Oil Forex Investing Co - not paying
2breed - not paying
Dolphin Earn - not paying
Global Trade Trust - not paying
Forex Muto Ltd - not paying
Tour Fund - not paying
World Gold Investment - temporary hosting closing
Peaks Capital - not paying

The list of Problem programs this Tuesday is larger than we provided last time. There are both longterm and new programs within the list. No matter how long the project is online, if it is assigned with the Problem status, investing to this HYIP is extremely risky. We recommend every investor to stay alert and stay away from investing to the programs, given above.

Events. NewGNi (newgni.com) has informed of several updated and innovations, which have been or are about to be implemented on the site. First of all, it's the User Manual, which can be downloaded in PDF format. There is also the notification about iPad adaptation for NewGNi (newgni.com). And finally the update is talking about participation of the project in popular social networks: Facebook and Twitter. The complete update list can be found in the official newsletter from NewGNi (newgni.com).

TopWallet (topwallet.net) is happy to inform about resolving the issue with Perfect Money, the issue which caused some of the members having their deposits made their PM accounts not credited to the TopWallet (topwallet.net) accounts. By now the issue is reported to be solved, fortunately to investors.

The admin of ProfitableSunrise (profitablesunrise.com) has notified his members about ading the new payment option for deposits and withdrawals. Bank Wire Transfer opportunity has been added. The bank wire deposit and withdrawal option has been fully integrated inside the member's area. For additional information regarding completing the bank wire transaction, you are recommended to contact the admin of ProfitableSunrise (profitablesunrise.com) directly.

GetPaids (getpaidfx.biz) has added the Facebook page for the clients, where investors are advised to place the comments and payment reports.

Good News. Amazing! Today we can inform you on the first piece of good news in the year 2012. The news is that ReProFinance (reprofinance.com), which has recently lost investors' confidence, has not just returned, it also renewed the payments. The problems, investors informed of, are now being solved! So, the previous week, one investor, who couldn't access his ReProFinance (reprofinance.com) account mailed us. He also couldn't get the answer from the customer care. We contacted the admin and after clarifying the details, access troubles were resolved, the profit payments have been resumed.

Emoney. AlertPay has changed the refund policy. This piece of news should definitely please many HYIP investors, who have been recently scammed. Previously, according to the refund policy of AlertPay the refund could be given within 30 days period between your deposit in an HYIP and filing a dispute request on the transaction. And now this period has been extended to 90 days, hence making the policy more flexible. If you still manage to set the refund request within 30 days, you will be not be charged with any fees at all.

Agents Reports and Readers Questions. Unfortunately, it should be mentioned that OilForexInvesting, the return of which has been expected and we published the signals about that in the previous survey. The agents interviewed informed us that payments are missing. These are the selective payouts to monitorings. The letter from one of our readers confirms this information:

Unfortunately, I have not receive it. It's just like I said, they only pay selected individuals mainly HYIP monitors. I don't know what's happening!

Update. Just right now we receive a message from the investor who claime to be receiver of the OilForexInvesting payouts: I am writing to inform you that OilForexInvesting.com is still paying. As a proof there is info with the batch number, but even this is true, this only change the statys from NOT PAYING to SELECTIVELY PAYING. // End of the update.

Another complaint we got from one of investors of Global Trade Trust:

Global Trade Trust took my principle. Can't get the profit back! Scammers!

After making some analysis, and having interviewed our agents and other investors of Global Trade Trust, we may conclude, this HYIP is about to close down. Global Trade Trust is obviously about to scam. Beware, dear investors!

Closures. Macro Trade (549 days), Canada-Money (14 days), Wealth Stable (10 days), Metal Profits (8 days), Monetary Trades (15 days).

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