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I am very glad that the first review this year - is the review of Luxor Alliance. They started working a couple of weeks ago with a nice website

I am very glad that the first review this year - is the review of Luxor Alliance. They started working a couple of weeks ago actually and their site ( is simply amazing to look at. And the investment offer (from 1.8% daily) makes feeling confident about the future, which is so important for the start of the year. Cause it's the faith, which lets a person hope and never give up fighting to the very end.

Opening this year with the Luxor Alliance review we'd like to show the faith we are talking about, cause this project meets absolutely every demand for the projects, to be successful in the sphere of high yield investments.

Good daily interest for short term:

Minimum Maximum Daily Term Total Return
$1 $500 1.8% 15 127%
$50 $1000 2.0% 30 160%
$200 $5000 2.4% 45 208%
$500 $250000 2.8% 60 268%

The end of the year 2011 showed that short term programs are more popular among investors and this niche is not vacant. Without investigating, it's hard to say how big this niche is, and the future of short term programs is not the topic of this review. The thing is that Luxor Alliance offers rather interesting option of structuring the plans. It offers daily interest calculation and principal payout is at the end of the term.

Basically it's a short term program with long term interests :) That is actually why i said that starting the year with such a program seems rather positive and promising. It's an interesting and steady solution, which is about to enjoy popularity, if it's meant to be. And since the high yield investment market is definitely growing, Luxor Alliance work will be positive.

Let's get to the math. If you invest $100 today to the Victoria Plan, you will get $2 daily (which is 2% daily), Luxor Alliance pays at weekends. It's amazing but it's true. The company is involved into trading markets business, herewith making daily payouts, even at weekends. This is the benefit for sure. So within 30 days you get $60 to your account, the next day after the 30th day, you can also get your principal back, i.e $100. 60% profit for 30 days. That's the way the investment offer Victoria Plan can be explained.

Many investors ask questions: "what if i invest to the more short-term plan for the same period, though making it twice?" In case with the Victoria Plan, which term is 30 days, you can roll your money twice with the Gold Plan, which term is 15 days. Let's count. You get $27 for 15 days, and for 30 days - $54. That is right - investing to a more long term plan you let the company to manage your funds more fluently, thus earning more.

Being a Lux

Experienced investor knows that the site design though looking good is not something special. And more likely it's a template. We wouldn't want to focus attention upon that, cause that is not important at the end. It's important to have the high quality design of the site and the content. As for Luxor Alliance - this requirement has been totally met. Besides, the design totally corresponds to the name and common concept of the project, and this not more than fair, it's extremely good.

And things, which look really perfect - are the payment options. They are really good here. You can not only invest with the help of basic LR and PM, you can also invest with Bank Wire and Western Union. Such a set of the payment options is a real lux. I.e. basically any possible option for making a deposit and taking the profit has been considered. You can either invest with the help of one of the widely used e-currencies, or make the deposit with the help of 2 other ways, that cover the rest options and geography.

Firm Basis
We are always trying to be neutral and don't work with the programs, which are obviously dangerous for investors. However, in case with the programs that take care about investors and their awareness of what these programs are, i can't help showing my positive emotions. Luxor Alliance is just the program like that, every clause, which is meant to influence upon your choice of LA, is explained on the main page. Here is the list:

  1. Legal Registered Company In The UK
  2. Strong Account Security
  3. 24/7 Multi-Language Support
  4. Minimum Investing Amount $1
  5. DDoS Protection
  6. Up To 7% Referral Commission
  7. Paying 7 Days a Week
  8. Firewall Protection
  9. No Minimum Withdrawing Amount
  10. LR, PM, Bank Wire, and Western Union Accepted
  11. Premium SSL Encryption
  12. Assurred Up To $250,000

As for the technical support of the project performance, there's a notification about protection, which totally corresponds modern requirements (we highlighted these clauses in bold). DDoS is not a threat to programs, whose horizon is not more than a year, however in case with Luxor Alliance that started working under such good circumstances, it can be useful. Good to see that they are using KODDOS for that. By the way, SSL protection is not a simple one. COMODO - is the world leader of the industry.

Simple legend
The legend of the project, despite the obvious insignificance, still means a lot. Someone puts emphasis on the concept of the investment offer, someone tries to organize effective finance management. These aspects are always hard to check in HYIP (and it's even much harder to believe in them), however, all this gives a chance to characterize the project in a more detailed way.

As for the Luxor Alliance, we deal with a simple trading legend.

High quality support and promotional basis. We all understand that much depends on the admin in HYIP management. The admin of the Luxor Alliance project is really aimed at success. One may contact him sending mail to, his name is Adam Grant. The creation of the project by hearsay is not a trivial one, and that is why one may be sure the start of the project will be as better as possible. Besides, a good sign is that the support service is not subject to contact form. They have such an important feature for today's world as Live support system (in the upper right corner). You can also find contacts in social networks. Besides, LA offers the phone address to its clients, as well as the place of registration in London. They also have fax.

  • Tel.: +44 20 8144 7706 (Mon-Fri: 9AM - 5PM GMT)
  • Fax: +44 20 8082 5563
  • 19 KATHLEEN ROAD, London, Greater London SW11 2JR, GB

The success of the program in the future in many ways depends on the partnership, i.e. referral program. Cause it is representatives, which moves the project in a more intensive way. The affiliate program of Luxor Alliance is really luxurious. 6 levels! The partnership commission is from 2 to 7%. Moving from one level to the next one depends on the number of investors referred. From 1 to 9 referrals - is a Starter level, and naturally it's just 2% profit. There goes Basic level 10-19, Advanced 20-29, Professional 30-50, Silver 51-100. The final level is for those, who reach the number of 101 referrals. You will get the maximum rate 7% from all deposits, made by investors. Hence LA may become a support for forming the serious income level.

Summing up, i can first of all tell you that one should not raise hopes. Nothing, unfortunately, can secure the risk decrease in high yield industry, which would be enough for not worrying about the deposit and count for composure at least within a month. Though LA definitely managed to succeed with the lowering the risks as better as possible.

They started working in a very auspicious moment, made a good design, registered the company (and everything was made in such a way as to the company check could prove the legend), thought over the plans, secured protection and the last but not the least - offered the perfect reward scheme to active investors. Congratulations! Good start of the investment year!


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