Updated: 01/19/2012 14:38
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A recently joined us project called LucidNature (offering 1.5%2.5% for 25 business days) informs about the addition of a feature called MaxiVote. As...

A recently joined us project called LucidNature (offering 1.5%-2.5% for 25 business days) informs about the addition of a feature called MaxiVote. As you know, all administrators expect you to support their projects by posting payment proofs on forums and voting on monitors. In such a way projects become more popular and attract new investors who see how good some project's reputation is and decide to make a deposit in it. It is beneficial for you too, because if a program you have a deposit in has new investors, this means that you will continue receiving your profit.

If you want to support LucidNature, you don't have to visit every popular monitor in order to vote anymore. MaxiVote allows you to vote on all monitors where the project is listed by clicking on one button that can be found here or you may visit a “RateUs” page on the project's website where you will find that button on top. The admin of LucidNature also asks you to post payment proofs on and

And WorldwideCapital informs about an advanced compounding option. According to its terms, from now on you can earn additional 0.5% daily in any investment plan. Therefore if you enable the advanced compounding option in Start Plan, you will make 2% daily, in Advanced Plan 2.5% and in Professional Plan the daily profit will be 2.5%. If you have any questions regarding this new feature, you should contact the administration (the contact info as well as information about all most important features of WorldwideCapital can be read in its Presentation).

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