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What did i tell you Life in HYIP industry is in full swing. Once i wrote a single review, there goes another one and another

What did i tell you? Life in HYIP industry is in full swing. Once i wrote a single review, there goes another one and another...! In sum, there is a whole pack of interesting programs this week :) Hope you've managed to estimate the previous one? Today, please welcome another project, which is not less interesting, newGNI. By the way, both programs mentioned have started working in December 2011, so they can be considered as originated from one ''wave''. The newGNI, which is going to be reviewed today is first of all interesting due to its name GNI. The HYIP industry old timers should definitely know this name. And it means "Genius". That's how their site explains that:

"GNi is our acronym of Genius : Genius is something or someone embodying exceptional intellectual ability, creativity, or originality, typically to a degree that is associated with the achievement of unprecedented insight. 'new' doesn't need further explication :)"

Amazing isn't that?
1% daily, or 6% weekly. That is the efficiency rate, as declared by the newGNI admin, Jurgen Wilckens. You give him money, he bets on sport events and offers to get 1% of 180% FOREVER. However, you can only take your money within 180 days. I.e. Investing today, you get 100% of your funds in 20 or 16 weeks.

Of course, investing to the second plan you'll get your money back sooner, though investing to the first plan, the ROI is more at the time, when the programs will possibly close down. Still, the difference is not totally clear, to be honest :) It's also not clear, why should one take the money, at the expiry of such term. This is a perfect scheme and quite possibly, investors will give it a worth appraisal.

The legend actually
There was a program that used to take funds for betting on sport events. The program was called GNI. Than StrictPay was closed. The GNI bank account was frozen. What the hell was a HYIP doing with the money in banks, noone knows, though it is not surprising that after such problems (if they were acknowledged by the admin) it was impossible to work. They closed down.

One person of the previous team has just organized the new project, and, without even being aware of whether he is allowed to use the name or not, he is using the old name and signs on its behalf. This is the story. The old GNI had been working for 18 months ;) Within such a term one may get the deposit increased FOUR TIMES AND A HALF in a newGNI. As far as i can see, that's the catch, actually :)

1% daily - $10
6% weekly - $50

Well, first of all, they are having a horrible domain name. If i never knew the name of GNI before, i would never remember how to access the site. It's hard to acquire regular readers, if it's so easy to forget your address. However it's all that close in the HYIP industry, so losing the sight of such project is definitely impossible. Especially taking into account the past performance.

Another thing, we'd like to mention is that the repeatedness is ultimately not very good at all, though newGNI are confident about their future, they are repeating the previous strategy and at first sight they are not going to peddle.

Of course there are much more advantages than drawbacks. The legend itself is much worth it! It's a real legend, it can be touched. We could see it with our own eyes. Many people will definitely invest by force of habit :) Of course, projects launched repeatedly are closed very soon. The clones of successful projects are closed as well. The old GNI was closed in March 2010, so it's you to decide. By the way, original GNI is being recommended as "one of the most successful, most perfect and most professional in the entire history of HYIP". It is something to have been presented like that.

Besides, they got rid of StrictPay. Accept only PM and LR (later: STP added). Besides they got in touch with :) Well it's not a guarantee of course. Nothing can last forever, so keep your money and invest only if you are aware of risks. Incomes are high, though risks are high as well. Responsibility will always be yours.

Another word for this project is that everything is perfect from the technical point of view. Despite the fact the script (hope admin will put me right just in case) is old (ShadowScript), it has some useful features. Particularly it's the reliable protection of access to your account. Moreover, Jurgen has taken care of a reliable hosting for the newGNI. There's DdoS protection and SSL. Hosting is provided by Dragonara, SSL by domain validated Thawte DV SSL. Superb!

All in all, obviously the new name has been added to the list of interesting openings of 2012. It's newGNI. As you might have understood, its main feature is the semi-new name. Original approach to the plans (1% daily or 6% weekly forever), referral program is above average (5% from every deposit, made by people referred). What is else needed for an high yield investment lover? Correct: taking the final decision.

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