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Please take your time to read the HYIP Informational Survey 123 published by Lella Prior on January 24, 2012

Openings. Dear readers of HYIPNews.com! Our editorial staff is publishing the regular HYIP Informational Survey. As usually on Tuesday, we are going to outline the events on the HIYP market for the weekend. We shall post the updated list of Problem and New programs. Once there is any important discussion on any HYIP forum is taking place, we shall let you know about it in the informational survey. Once any HYIP blog posts any updates, we are here to share them with you. All you need to know about HYIP arena is here in one place. And as usually we start with the openings of this week.

Vasco Forex (vascoforex.com) 1.3-2.9% daily for 200-250 days!
FxPulsePro (fxpulsepro.com) 1.6-2.4% daily for 30-90 days!
MagneticWallet (magneticwallet.com) 2-2.5% daily for 100 days!
Expand Money (expandmoney.net) 2-4% daily for 75 days!
Dal Trade (daltrade.com) 3-6% daily for 40 days!

GoldGroups (goldgroups.com), Sapphire Invest (sapphire-invest.com), Global Etrades (globaletrades.com), MyFund (myfund.me), UroProfit (uroprofit.com), Mega-Deposit (mega-deposit.com), 2012 Pays (2012-pays.com), Strong Investment (strong-inv.com), Owner Commerce (ownercommerce.com), Relax Instant (relaxinstant.com), LibertyReserve Promo (libertyreservepromo.com), Profitoria (profitoria.net).

Today as usually we have a large amount of new programs. And we also have 5 openings with the detailed description. Dear readers, you are highly recommended to check the first part, and then if you don't find anything suitable for your investment needs, you may proceed to the list of other HYIPs. The experience proves the fact, programs in the first part of the Openings section are more likely to stay online for longer period of time than programs without the detailed description. Beware and make your choice wisely!

Permanent Fund - not paying
Skipper Fund - not paying
Net Income FX - not paying
Swap Invest - not paying
Strong Dollars - not paying
World Gold Investment - not paying
Junix Overseas - not paying
Prefund - not paying
Express Money Fund - not paying
Lifetime-Profit - not paying
Easy Forex Investment Group - not paying
Riverdale Mutual - not paying
Comfort of Mind Investing - not paying

There are many additions to the Problems section this time. Well, that is not an unusual thing. Unfortunately, we've never missed this section in any of the previous releases of the HYIP Informational Survey. All the programs mentioned above are dangerous to invest. The risk of being scammed is enormous. So, if you set your mind on investing to any of those programs, at least wait till the status is changed to Paying. In case this change actually happens, we'll surely let the readers know about that in the next release of the informational survey in the Good News section, this Friday.

The WinningProfits (winningprofits.net) admin, Bruno, has announced the referral contest. It starts this week and will last for 2 weeks. The prize fund of the contest is $380, the amount is going to be distributed between the winners, the most active referrers of WinningProfits (winningprofits.net).

ForexReflex (forexreflex.com) has implemented the Russian localization for the site. As announced in the official newsletter, the German version is also on the way. The reason for soon implementing of two more localizations is possibly the obvious intention of ForexReflex (forexreflex.com) admin to popularize his site to a wider audience.

NewGNi has become the verified SolidTrust Pay (STP) merchant. On this occasion, the bonus is given to all depositing funds with STP:

$10 bonus for deposits of $100 or more
$20 bonus for deposits of $200 or more
$50 bonus for deposits of $500 or more

IncomeInt (incomeint.com) has also added the Solid Trust Pay as the payment system.

Evo Ltd (evoltd.biz) has experienced troubles with accessing the site recently, though now everything is back to work. The accessibility troubles were because of the hosting change procedure by Evo Ltd (evoltd.biz), which is now obviously completed.

Good News. Unfortunately there are no good news for today. None of HYIPs, which were experiencing problems last time has not managed to recover from troubles and get back to Paying status. Sorry to say, though this weekend is going to be hard for many investors. Good luck to all of you!

Closures. Deposity (76 days), Profit Investing (27 days), LMA Financials (18 days), Post Finance (9 days), Amerix Fund Llc (68 days), Paid Jack (132 days).

HYIP Blogs. Many web resources, blogs and monitors are offering the service of HYIP reviewing. What kind of service is that? How many benefits it can bring to HYIP investors and HHYIP owners? Or maybe it only brings nothing but disadvantages... How a HYIP review should be read? What methods are used by bloggers to attract investors' attention? You can read more about this and many many other things on the blog of the Private HYIP Monitor, following the link: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2012/01/21/how-you-should-read-a-hyip-review/.

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