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Welcome to the new update from the HYIPNews team. In this news you will learn very important information concerning two investing programs HYIP...

Welcome to the new update from the HYIPNews team. In this news you will learn very important information concerning two investing programs HYIP Innovation and EVBusiness. Please notice, that while reading this news you will have your own, personal opinion and we would like to see it in comments or you can simply write us. HYIPNews team really appreciate such sort of cooperation between readers and our journalists. You know what they say - many people many minds! Anyway, let's learn what's new in the HYIP industry.

From the very beginning we would like to tell you about HYIP Innovation company. Administration of this project has announced that in the nearest future maintaining previously offered earning rates will be no longer possible. The reason is that HYIP Innovation team forced to exercise one of their originally reserved rights - to modify program terms of service and you may consider this announcement as a notice of such changes. So, this company will change the payout rate.

Please notice, dear readers, that during this restructuring period no new deposits into old investment plans will be accepted and no earnings will be credited to user accounts on all existing deposits.

Also, administration of HYIP Innovation company has assured it's investors that: " with our claim of being one of the most innovative programs in the HYIP industry, we would like to assure you that your funds are NOT lost, our program is NOT closed, we will continue to operate under new conditions and we are definitely NOT a scam, as some may rush into announcing or have done so already. "

And what is even more interesting is that administration is asking monitors to give true status of it's program. Which is "On Hold" or "Waiting".

As for the EVBusiness there are also some interesting news. Administration has announced that there are already over 80,000 online investors and 60 days program is ended and many people will receive it's principle and compound. Professional investors will be happy to know that EVBusiness has upgraded it's DDoS protection to the latest version of CISCO DDoS protection hardware. Their server now has a high speed Solid State Driver and a new stable internet connection (speed up to 100Mbit/s).

Also, all of clients and visitors may download the presentation video of EVBusiness for better understanding of it's business and strategies. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_B9OuMSjIo

As you can see dear readers, the news are quite interesting. No one knows what is waiting for us tomorrow. Anyway, so much events in two HYIP programs means at least one thing - HYIP industry is trying to fight for clients and it is a good news, indeed.

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