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Openings. It's Friday and we are here and back with the HYIP Informational Survey by HYIPNews.com. Our team has managed to collect the latest news from the HYIP industry for the last couple of days. And now we are ready to present it to you. Besides the events, there is the Openings section, where you can get to know about new programs, and also in the Problems section you will be warned against the Problems programs. As usually we are happy to present you with the latest updates from the HYIP blogs in our HYIP Informational Survey provided by HYIPNews.com. We are working for you! Stay tuned! Ad here we start with the openings of the weekend:

Vasco Forex 1.3-2.9% daily for 200-250 days!
E-DPS Corporation (e-dps.biz) 0.8-2.0% daily for 80-230 days!
EcoFutureFund (ecofuturefund.com) 12-21% monthly paid daily!
Etix Fund (etixfund.com) 2-3% daily for 120 days!
Gold Forex Trades (goldforextrades.com) 1.5-2% daily for 120-80 business days!
Everest Financial Solutions Ltd. (everestfinancial.co.uk) 2.5% daily for 30 calendar days!
CapitalFunds (capital-funds.com) 1-2.3% Daily for 50 days!
FXPulse Pro (fxpulsepro.com) 1.6-2.4% daily for 30-90 days!

Provident Inv, TopINV (topinv.biz), FXGroup Pro (fxgroupro.com), Endless Fund (endlessfund.net), Hourly Dividends (hourly-dividends.com), Hourly Wallet (hourlywallet.com), Protraders (protraders.biz), 4xFortuneFund (4xfortunefund.com), Earning Plus (earningplus.net), Quantum Wealth Bank (quantumwealthbank.net), LuxoSurf (luxosurf.com), InstantCa$hPTC (instantcashptc.net).

Today is the special day. We have absolute maximum of solid investment opportunities in the first section of the Openings section. There are 8(!) of them on top. The weekend is about to be good enough. Potential investors have lots to think of and to choose from - the variety of investment opportunities is really amazing. The 8 programs with the detailed description is not a recommendation by HYIPNews.com. We are just pointing them out for having original design, for being potentially long-term programs thanks to decent interest rates offered. Our opinion is based upon our experience as well. That is why, before making any sort of deposit to any new program, always make your due diligence, no matter a HYIP is recommended by anyone or not.

HYIP Innovation - site offline
Boyle - not paying
Ice-Profit - not paying
Earn Box - not paying

So, there is a new list of Problem programs. Not many of them actually. Though let's not forget that we are not including the HYIPs, which have been mentioned in the previous informational survey to this list. Despite the fact there are not many of them, despite the fact all these HYIPs are various, there's the only advice: any of them is currently dangerous for investing. The HYIPNews team gives recommendations to all active investors of these HYIPs - try to contact the admins as soon as possible and better manage to to take your funds out of these HYIPs. Good luck with your business, in case you fail and these HYIPs are finally closed, try not to let other investors be scammed, notify of your bad experience on forums and monitoring sites. It will stop others from investing to Problem HYIPs. And on the other hand, we sincerely hope to see all Problem programs in the next release of our informational survey in the Good News section.

Events. WinningProfits (winningprofits.net) has issued the newsletter explaining the previous problems with loading the site. The site of WinningProfits (winningprofits.net) was running slow and for some members it was down at all on January 26. BlackLotus, the hosting provider has been reported to have these problems fixed and the site got back to normal work.

IncomeInt (incomeint.com) has made several improvements to the program. First of all, two e-currencies were added to the list of accepted ones: AlertPay and SolidTrustPay. From now on the investors have a wider choice of investment options to this HYIP. Secondly, IncomeInt (incomeint.com) as reported, by numerous requests, has implemented the phone support. The phone number to reach the Support service is +441394647551. If not available you will be called back later. And the final update of IncomeInt (incomeint.com) is about opening the recurring referral contest, which is about to award 5 people every 10 days. Good luck! Lots of updates, hope the work will remain positive.

FACTUnion (factunion.com) admin has reported about two additions to the program. First, the Rate Us page of the prorgams was filled up with 27 new monitor sites. And the second update is regarding the "Global Representatives" program. 6 representatives (from North America, Europe, Asia, South Asia and Russian regions) have already been active and now FACTUnion (factunion.com) reports on adding a new (7th) representative from India.

Profitima (profitima.com) is a new HYIP and now notifies its members on adding two more ways of contecting the support. They have successfully added Live Chat and Phone Support. The members are welcome to call the support to the phone number +1 760 890 76 41.

Forexreflex (forexreflex.com) has added the Russian version of the site. Good for Russian-speaking customers!

(globalcommerce.biz) is reporting about some possible site downtime, because of the server upgrade. The ticket has been opened for all active monitors. The admin of Glocom (globalcommerce.biz) is worried about his investors, asking them to feel calm if the site goes down for a while.

Good News. Permanent Fund (permanentfund.net), Swap Invest (swapinv.com) and Riverdale Mutual (riverdalemutual.com). Congratulations! Dear investors and admins of these programs. You may sleep well, at least for now, cause the problems with these HYIPs, seem to be temporal. Now they are working and bring good news both to the current and potential investors.

Emoney. On the official blog of Liberty Reserve there are two updates concerning the scheduled maintenance. The first one has already passed. As reported, Liberty Reserve was unavailable on 26 January, between 10:00am and 11:00am UTC.
The reason for the scheduled maintenance was the implementing better service and even more comfortable interface for the customers. The small feature was being implemented, which would be reflected

"...as a minor system change by the removal of the "Wallet" account and the implementation of the "Quick Payments" feature. While your "Wallet" appeared as a separate auxillary account, the "Quick Payments" feature will better serve as an extension of your Liberty Reserve primary account used to make small transactions without a lengthy confirmation process..."

See the full update here: http://blog.libertyreserve.com/2012/01/scheduled-maintenance-26-january-1000am.html

However, as it turns to be, the period of one hour is not enough for this update and hence there goes another message concerning the scheduled maintenance of Liberty Reserve website. This will take place on Saturday, 28 January between 08:00am and 9:00am UTC. The maintenance was announced fue to technical difficulties. Let's wait what it's about! http://blog.libertyreserve.com/2012/01/scheduled-maintenance-28-january-0800am.html

Closures. Skipper Fund (131 days), Net Income FX (59 days), World Gold Investment (30 days), Junix Overseas (25 days), Prefund (21 days), Express Money Fund (16 days), Lifetime-Profit (15 days), Insta Financial (9 days), Gold Capital Co (13 days), Maxi Earnings (23 days), Forex Bank (36 days), Top Wallet (49 days).

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