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The HYIP Information Survey 125 published by Joe Wong on January 31, 2011 is given below, you can see the detailed information about HYIP industry

Openings. Today is Tuesday. The team of HYIPNews.com is happy to welcome all our readers reading the regular HYIP Information Survey. As usually it's devoted purely to the HYIP Industry. And we are ready to give the latest information regarding the new programs and problems ones. Along with the news on the new and problems HYIPs, you will be informed of the latest news from the currently active HYIPs. If there's anything new on HYIP blogs and forums, we are here to tell you about that. We start with the openings section:

Everest Financial Solutions Ltd.
2.5% fixed daily profit for 30 calendars days!
China Gold Company (china-gold.co) 3-5% daily for 40 days!
PyxisMoney (pyxismoney.com) 1.89-4.92% hourly for 21-63 hours!
Affordable Assets (affordable-assets.com) 1.6-2% daily for 15-25 days!
NasdaqFund (nasdaqfund.com) 1.3-2.2% daily for 180 days!
LiberForex (liberforex.com) 1.5-2.5% daily for 180 days!

Sun Glint (sun-glint.com), GoodEarning (goodearning.net), Crown Earn InvestGroup Ltd. (crown-earn-investgroup.com), SilverGrowth (silvergrowth.net), Force Stock (forcestock.com), BMWFund (bmwfund.com), Global Income (global-income.net), Profit Gainer (profitgainer.com), Global Invest FX (globalinvestfx.com), Profit Generation (profit-generation.net), Select Investment Evolution (selectinvestmentevolution.com), ExpertEarn (expertearn.com).

Here is the list of new programs this week. Please make your choice thoroughly. Think twice before jumping in any of the new investment opportunities appeared online. One more time let us remind you, due diligence is highly recommended. Most of the programs, given above, are the short-term high risky HYIPs, which can close pretty soon. That is why, don't be in a hurry when making your investment decision.

N1Traders - not paying
Instanty - not paying
Money Hysteria - not paying
Biz To Profit - not paying
Perry Invest - not paying
Investionality - not paying
Provident Inv - not paying

Back to Problem programs. There are not so many of them today, just like the previous Friday, however, they are not less risky for potential investors. Any problematic status would unfortunately mean soon closure of the program. At least, this happens to the majority of programs. And those, which ultimately manage to get back to Paying status are going to be mentioned in the Good News section of the next informational survey. However, to tell the truth, absolute majority gets scammed after all. As for these ones above, you are recommended to stay alert and stay away from investing.

Events. CrownEarnInvestgroup (crown-earn-investgroup.com) has informed of the ongoing DDoS attack upon their server. As reported the server is protected by BlockDos. The only affect that may be done by the attack is the effect upon the system of instant withdrawals.

OneInv (oneinv.biz) has announced the closing of 11% for 10 days plan, meaning no new deposits are accepted to this plan from now on.

Riverdalemutual (riverdalemutual.com) has presented the action-like promo video on Youtube. "The success secret depends on your choice" - that is the idea of the entire video. The words are really meaningful. Hope the work of this HYIP will be not less meaningful as well.

Hourly-dividends (hourly-dividends.com) a popular hourly paying HYIP has moved to another server. Staminus was not able to stand 10 powerful DDoS attacks that were initiated one by one within previous several days. Now the transfer has been successfully completed and admin is reporting the server time is now 9 hours earlier, which means payouts on the new server are going to be processed 9 hours earlier accordingly. Not a single request from Hourly-dividends (hourly-dividends.com) has been canceled. The admin seems to care about every single client. Let's hope it's all true.

Good News. Unfortunately there are no good news for today. None of HYIPs, which were experiencing problems last time has not managed to recover from troubles and get back to Paying status. Sorry to say, though this weekend is going to be hard for many investors. Good luck to all of you!

Emoney. AlertPay has finally started to issue the PrePaid Debit Cards when there remained no hope at all to find the proper solution of the credit card issue. By now first PrePaid Debit Cards were sent to the first 2,500 members. As a reminder, let us tell you a few words of what AlertPay PrePaid Debit Card is. This is the brand new payment method available for AlertPay customers in almost 50 countries.The card can be chosen by customers, whether a USD or a CAD currency card. When loaded through the AlertPay e-wallet (maximum to load $5000 USD or CAD) the card can be used anywhere normal VISA cards are accepted. Thus it will help you remain anonymous when making certain purchases online.

As for SolidTrustPay the deposits and withdrawals via credit card is already available on STP accounts, although they haven't announced the debit card yet. Whatever, there were noticed slight delays in withdrawals via bankwire in STP. The reason for these delays is the Australian holiday on January 26th 2012. So for all the transactions originating from Australia, there will be a 4-day delay for the following options:
– Credit Card Withdrawals
– Bank Wire Withdrawals
– Direct Deposits for members in Australia & New Zealand
– Bank Wire Deposits processed through Technocash (not Global Collect)

Another update from SolidTrustPay refers to the weather conditions in Canada. Due to bad weather conditions, the offices of STP were closed and hence phone support was not available.

Liberty Reserve improves security. The Wallet is removed, replaced by the Quick Payments feature. The F.A.Q page on the official website of Liberty Reserve gives the following explanation of what the Quick Payments feature is:

"The Quick Payments feature allows you to quickly access a dedicated portion of your funds in Liberty Reserve using a faster login procedure if you wish to pay someone quickly. It is recommended that you set only small limits for your Quick Payments because the security procedures necessary to access Quick Payments are less than the security procedures to access your full account. In order to set limits for Quick Payments, you will need to login to your account, and do it from there. You are not required to initialize Quick Payments, and are free to make payments from your account without using the Quick Payments. This is an optional feature for your convenience."

Closures. Ice-Profit (19 days), HYIP Innovation (81 days), Equip Reserve (14 days), Easy Forex Investment Group (17 days), Strong Dollars (26 days).

HYIP Blogs. Frank, the admin of the Private HYIP Blog is trying to reveal the secrets of one famous leader of the HYIP industry, which is definitely closed as for now - it's ReProFinance. Frank gives explanation of the obvious signs it's the end for ReProFinance, pone of the most long-term HYIPs. Apart from that, Frank is offering to vote whether you get paid or not and see the vote results. You may join the voting if you want to. And also some piece of comparison between RePro and other programs. Read more here: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2012/01/29/repro-finance-scam-for-2012-wow/

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