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When writing a presentation of the program as Filus Group, then to be honest, not much afraid of that it is too late to write the presentation. Of course, all programs are closed sooner or later, but in the case of Filus Group is not only hard to believe, but can not say that it would have been at least some conditions. Although, I must confess in doubt that Filus Group is so original compared to other programs. It has the same daily plans, the same high-quality website, professional hosting, security, telephone service support ... there are much of such programs. Anyway, I see in Filus Group something original and it's own.

I am talking about plan terms. Test plan duration is only 10 days. The standard plan period is 100 days. By this deadline, the closure plan will cost you 40% of the deposit. That is, not to be a loser, you have to wait at least for 24 payments (it will happen within 24 business days), then by closing the deposit you will receive the remaining 60% of your deposit.

Profit in the starting plan is only 0.9% the term, as I already said, in this plan is 10 days. Referrals in all plans are equal to 4% fee. In terms of average profit is 2% per day, minimum is $ 3,000, in the most profitable plan minimum is $ 10k, and the profit is 2.4%.

Filus Group accepts PM and LR, makes profit through options trading. That's it.


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