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Openings. Dear readers of HYIPNews.com! Our team is presenting the the regular HYIP Informational Survey. As usually on Friday, we shall give the...

Openings. Dear readers of HYIPNews.com! Our team is presenting the the regular HYIP Informational Survey. As usually on Friday, we shall give the outlook of the HYIP industry. We'll try to cover the main events from the HYIP market happened within this week. You will be presented with the list of Problem and New programs in the Openings section. Important and latest HYIP blog updates are also revealed. The events from the programs online are going to be given at your attention. All you need to know about HYIP arena is here in one place. And as usually we start with the openings of this week.

Profitima 1.5-2.1% daily for 30-120 days!
Paulson Investment Co (paulsoninvco.com) 7-10% daily for 18 calendar days!
Gelio Fund (geliofund.com) 2.4-5.2% daily for 10-20 business days!
D&K Petroleum (dkpetroleum.com) 0.7-1.2% daily for 180 business days!
Safe Invest Union (safeinvestunion.com) 1.6-2.2% daily for 15-45 days!
BigTimeFunds (bigtimefunds.com) 0.5-2% daily for 20 days!
Global FX Money (globalfxmoney.com) 1.6-3% daily for 150 days!

SpaceStar (spacestar.biz), Trade 4 Ever (trade4ever.com), LRhourly (lrhourly.com), Assured Income (assured-income.com), Perfect Money HYIP (perfectmoneyhyip.com), Hot Payment (hot-payment.net), IPGain (ipgain.net), GoldTreasuryFund (goldtreasuryfund.com).

Today we have rather unusual situation. The number of the programs with the detailed description is nearly the same as the second part of the Openings section. 7 (!) new HYIPs, worth your attention. This number is more than ever. As for another half they mostly look like template-made ones. They seem not to offer anything exclusive for HYIP investors. Perhaps we are wrong when making this statement (hardly, cause we have enough experience to tell a good one from a bad one) and among the large number of programs above, there are some, potential leaders of the industry. Well then... i wish it was true we are eager for more new really long-term and professional investment opportunities, just like you are. Let's hope for the best anyway!

RePro Finance - not paying
Real Trade Invest - not paying

There are only two programs that are new to the Problems section. And this is really amazing! Congratulations to all HYIP investors. That's been a good week. This is considered to be a good week. The shorter this section is the more happy investors are. Profit is paid, sites are working online. Anyway, despite the short list, there are still programs which are not recommended for investing. And they are mentioned above. A closer look should be taken at the top of the list. ReProFinance is obviously about to close down completely. The conference postponed - such a doubtful explanation. Large profit requests are not paid. More likely it's about to scam. Beware, dear investors! HYIPNews.com has already removed this HYIP from the HYIP LIST to the Blacklist. Don't hesitate to contact us on any occasion that seems doubtful for you, or just with any question, or warning, or alert. You may contact us with anything that you might be interested in.

Events. PammGroups (pammgroups.com) has sent the newsletter that warns their members against trusting the spammers, who try to contact investors from the e-mails that are not owned by PammGroups (pammgroups.com). The fake e-mails are sent from the following address: PammGroupsgmail.com (if you ever receive a mail from this one, don't click any links inside), offering higher interests than they are actually offered on the site of.

FACTUnion (factunion.com) has been proud to announce adding new features to the site. First of all there was an announcement regarding 2000 members on the site. Good for them if they are really active members. Another update concerns the representatives. As it has been announced their total number is by now 9 around the globe. And ultimately as promised the admin of FACTUnion (factunion.com) has added the profit calculator for each of the plans.

NewGNI (newgni.com) has added a new toolbar on their site. The toolbar is made to make the site look more attractive from the social point of view. Once can easily get to Facebook and Twitter accounts of this HYIP, using this toolbar. And one more updated from NewGNI (newgni.com) that announced that their SolidTrustPay introductory bonus promotion is over with adding the bonus to 100th investor's account.

Good News. N1Traders (n1traders.com) is the only HYIP, which was Problem on Tuesday, in the previous release of the HYIP Informational Survey. And by today it managed to renew its paying positions online. The rest of the programs have been blacklisted. Fortunately to N1Traders (n1traders.com) investors, this HYIP will possibly work on longer. Hope as many investors as possible will ultimately be in profit with this HYIP.

Closures. Instanty (123 days), Money Hysteria (70 days), Biz To Profit (32 days), Perry Invest (23 days), Investionality (27 days), Provident Inv (19 days), TOT Money (4 days), Omex Income (4 days), Earn Box (9 days).

HYIP Blogs. Frank, the admin of the Private HYIP Blog has posted another update on his blog. Now the update is purely about new investments and investment choices of February 2012. The article is called "Top 10 small investments online – February 2012". Inside the article Frank gives his idea and explains why he decided to invest to this or that particular project. There are both old-timers on the list and some new additions as well, including the leader of our Hyip list ExpertPortfolio project. The reasons for adding each of HYIPs into the investment portfolio of his own are revealed in the article, following the link: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2012/02/02/top-10-small-investments-online-february-2012/.

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