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Openings. Dear readers. It's Tuesday and we are back with the HYIP Informational Survey. In this release we are providing you with the latest information about the new programs, that appeared online for the weekend. We are also giving updates on the Problem programs, which ones have managed to get pack to paying status and which ones have not. Whatever the news is going on the market, HYIPNews.com Informational Survey includes it in the survey, hence making it as the universal news portal and news publications in the HYIP arena.

Cepheus Investment Limited
1.3-2% for 50-150 days!
Avi Finance (avifinance.com) 2.1-6.1% for 90 days!
JB Investment (jb-investment.biz) 6-7% for 30 days!
Holdings Trade (holdingstrade.com) 3-3.2% daily for 60 days!
Acapital Investment Corporation (acic.us) 0.9-1.5% daily for lifetime!
Renner Trade (rennertrade.com) 0.8-2.5% floating up to 1 month!
Neco Funds (necofunds.com) 1.6-2.8% for 200 days!
Strategist Capital (strategistcapital.net) 1.6-2.5% daily for lifetime!

Instant Success
, ProfitFactory (profitfactory.net), Perpetual Finance, Paid Process, Perfectiva (perfectiva.biz), Trade System (trade-system.in), MyProfitEarn (myprofitearn.com), SprintInvest (sprint-invest.tk), Vofund Investment (vofund.com), Perfect Wood (perfect-wood.net), FxProBank (fxprobank.com), Expert Profits (expert-profits.com), Global Resources (globresources.com), Loyal Casino (loyal-casino.net), Hourly Profits (hourly-profits.com).

The weekend was pretty rich in high quality programs. There are 8(!) new HYIPs with the detailed description available in today's release of the HYIP Informational Survey by HYIPNews.com. We are pleased to add the rest ones, which seem to be ordinary ones. Let us remind, you may ask any kind of questions about the programs you like or plan to invest. We'll make our own investigation and try to find out whether the HYIP is worth investing hard-earned money or not.

EVBusiness - not paying
Go Gainer - not paying
B Investment - not paying
Etoro Gain Club - not paying
No Risk Strategy - not paying
Probusiness Funds - not paying
Relax Capital - not paying
Comex Fund - not paying
Filus Group - not paying
Money For Share - not paying
Safest Forex - not paying
Select Investment Evolution - not paying
2012 HYIP - not paying
Perfect Money HYIP - not paying
Revo Money - not paying
Opportunity Fund - not paying

We are back with the section of Problem programs. This Tuesday it is much much more numerous than the previous Friday. The weekend seems to be not good at all for lots of programs that are now experiencing problems with payouts. All programs mentioned above are currently having troubles, which means just one thing: until things become clearer, until the status is changed (if changed eventually) to positive, these programs are not recommended for investing. If you have any questions or may have a warning or a report regarding any of programs, you are free to get in touch with us anytime.

Events. GibraltarFinancialGroup (gibraltarfinancialgroup.com) has extended its online presence in social networks. The latest newsletter from the admin has informed that official pages on Facebook and Twitter have been created. The reason for adding these two marketing and communication tools was attracting new investors to GibraltarFinancialGroup (gibraltarfinancialgroup.com).

PammGroups (pammgroups.com) has sent another spam e-mails warning. Spammers are obviously using the spam list of users registered to previously working HYIPs. Once again Cris, the admin of PammGroups (pammgroups.com) has sent this warning and claims they have nothing to do with these fake e-mails. Beware, dear investors!

Robo Shares (roboshares.com) has issued two news updates. The first one says that for the period of 2 months the value of the shares has risen by 6 times. And another update of Robo Shares (roboshares.com) is giving some good news for investors, willing to make withdrawals. From now on, there are no limits. No matter what method you were using for depositing funds, you can choose any available type of e-currency for making your profit withdrawal from Robo Shares (roboshares.com).

The admin of FxPulsePro (fxpulsepro.com) has issued the first newsletter. So he informed of implementing the live chat and the phone support, which is available since Monday to Friday 11:30pm - 7:30am server time. There's also an extra informational source, which is the Twitter account of FxPulsePro (fxpulsepro.com).

D&K Petroleum (dkpetroleum.com) has been suffering the hacker attacks for several days and forunately the servers turned out to be strong enough. Some single attack events are still happening, though they can't do much harm to the site of D&K Petroleum (dkpetroleum.com).

Good News. There were only two programs in the Problem section last Friday, so obviously it could have been expected that there is no good news for today. None of HYIPs, which were experiencing problems last time has not managed to recover from troubles and get back to Paying status. Sorry to say, though this weekend is going to be hard for many investors, especially taking into account the fact RePro Finance is obviously down for good eventually. Good luck to all of you anyway!

Closures. RePro Finance (616 days), Profit Generation (8 days).

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