Updated: 02/07/2012 18:13
Hyip Monitor

Well, actually short presentation of the program, which has worked for more than 20 days, can not be called so. And I hope that we will soon be able to make a presentation published on the day after the first payment of new HYIP. And yet - trying to get the maximum we can out of the situation. For example, studying. Money For Share, for example, is a living example of how in the HYIP industry impossible is possible. And the common methods of estimation may be erroneous.

The modest engine, nondescript logo and the whole presentation is absolutely standard - this is what immediately puts the project in the category of "ordinary" and it becomes difficult to determine the best. When you work with such a project, you need something to hold on, and if there is nothing, invest only if your strategy - investing at random. If I tried to find something special in Money For Share, then I would find a dull feedback form, poor set of benefits, what else? Yes, they accept AlertPay, PM and LR. But this is hardly may be considered as interesting. But the Company Certificate - interesting!

Open and read: This corporation is now legally organized under the laws of Minnesota. Stop. Among Money For Share benefits: "Legally registered offshore company". So offshore or Minnesota? Such a non-obviousness hardly will become a good sign for a stranger who doesn't know much about legal niceties. Yes, and the certificate itself is not looking good. Personally, I was scared more than attracted. 5% referral fee helps the situation to become more positive, but 20 days ago, it definitely would not play a role;)

Of course, I'm a little hypocrite. Money For Share is not as bad, to not survive during 20 days. They have the protection of the site, they have thoughtful design of the engine, they are represented on the forum and they have news. Three weeks later we can say that it all works and what does the future of this project is still open. Of course, 30 days (2500%), it is perhaps too presumptuous variant, anyway the program offers plans on just one day ;) And the profit is really not bad (130%).


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