Updated: 02/13/2012 19:14
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Perpetual Finance (PF) currently operates over 10 days. This can be found on their website (, this figure is available and quite noticeable, just below the login form. Three plans of a program are offering you a return of deposit and profit (7-50%) after 3 days, after 7 days or 15 days. Right now PF is at the top of its development. Simply a heyday. Let's investigate.

On the one hand, they showed that they are going to work and not hide when receiving the first deposit. On the other hand, the period of time is too short since the demonstration of their work has begun. The maximum program plan promises to investors 50% of profit that you will agree, is not quite so wild numbers for us. The main thing is to make it in time and PF has chances to study long enough to make it.

The chances of success are provided in the case of Perpetual Finance by the following components: they have a clear set of plans. They are quite profitable and quite realistic. Realistic for HYIP industry, of course. What matters is that the administrator would not neglected the communication with investors. Unfortunately, so far from them there is not much news.

But this, of course, a comparative trifle, if you pay attention to Perpetual Finance offer - a referral fee 10% ;) Only time will tell, would it be enough or they have no money to pay 50% of net profit in the first range of deposit. In the short-term programs after two weeks program can work with equal probability to work for several months and days 5-10. It is desirable for PF to become one of the first and currently the administrator has all the features to achieve this result.


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