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In the Hyip Informational Survey 129 see the latest events from currently working HYIPs and other information useful for high yield investors

Openings. Another week has started. Another HYIP Informational Survey has been published. As always, you will get to know of the latest events in the world of HYIP. The Problem programs and Openings. Along with that the latest events from currently working HYIPs are given at your attention. Hope the information you will get from us will be useful for high yield investors. Anyway, once any questions arise, please don't hesitate to contact the HYIPNews.com support. Our professional employees will do their best to assist you in the world of high yield investing. Here are the openings of the weekend:

Prime Income
1-5% daily for 20-90 days!

Alogo Energy Inc (alogoenergy.biz), GM Funds (gm-funds.net), FundLife (fundlife.biz), CashTipper (cashtipper.com), PokerPamm (pokerpamm.com), INVarena (invarena.com), HyipInvOnline (hyipinvonline.com), Elegant Fund (elegantfund.com), Golden Deposit (goldendeposit.com), Yield Inv (yieldinv.com), Sigma Trades (sigmatrades.com), FinStock Limited (finstock.biz), Armada Traders (armada-traders.com), 35three (35three.com), Modern Earning (modernearning.com), CasGain (casgain.com), Galaxy Investment (galaxyinvestment.org).

There is just one program in the first section and as usually the large list of ordinary openings at the beginning of the week. Think twice before investing to any of the programs. Always, talk to other investors and ask for a real investment experience. Whatever your choice is, you should remember, the risk of investing to high yield investing programs is large enough, hence due diligence is a must to do before jumping into any of them.

Glocom - not paying
World Invest Service Inc - not paying
Lenovest - not paying
Real Fusion - not paying
Invest Pooler - not paying
Income Int - not paying
Phedge Fund - not paying
Pamm Groups - not paying
SkyEarn - not paying
Paid Process - not paying
Berkadia Commercial Llc - not paying
Offshore Private Placment - not paying
ExpertEarn - not paying

There are many additions to the Problem list today. It's that numerous as we had last time. Besides many of those, mentioned in the previous release of the Informational Survey are still in Problems, and we are not mentioning them again. We are sorry and wish investors to these problematic HYIPs to have their chosen programs running well and paying regularly. We'll update you more in the next release of the HYIP Informational Survey.

Events. The site of ForexReflex (forexreflex.com) has become also available in German language. Even the banners have been adapted for German speaking audience. Apart from that, the referrers of ForexReflex (forexreflex.com) can enjoy the active promotion on this St. Valentine's Day. This day and some days after all active referrers are supposed to get triple level of referral commissions for bringing new investors to ForexReflex (forexreflex.com).

The Perfectiva (perfectiva.biz) has removed SolidTrustPay as the payment option a little while ago. As it turns out to be, the reason for that is that their SolidTrustPay business account was not verified. Right now investors of Perfectiva (perfectiva.biz) got the notification that STP is back accepted, cause their business account had been verified. Good update and which is more important, encouraging one.

LifeTimeProfits (lifetime-profits.com) admin has issued the newsletter about the completion of the first cycle. I would not rather be too fascinated with this fact, cause no after the first cycle completion the risk for closing down increases. Anyway, so far so good and wish it remained like that for many many months further on. Good luck to investors of LifeTimeProfits (lifetime-profits.com).

PanamaHedgeFund (phedgefund.com) has informed its members about possible downtimes because of the system upgrade. Fortunately right now the site is loading well on our side, hope the same is for the rest parts of the globe.

GeniusVenture (geniusventure.com) informs on implementing two new 180 days plans. And frankly speaking this update is not for good at all, as for me. First of all daily interest is unreasonably high - 7% and 8% daily. And secondly the minimum for these two plans is $250. Looks like the last attempt to get some more new investors and new deposits before closing it down. Beware, dear investors!

The situation with PlexCapital (plexcapital.com) is nearly the same. It's not so evident though. New plans offered by PlexCapital (plexcapital.com) offer 5%-6% daily returns for the duration of 300 days for a $250 minimum spend. The minimum is too high, the profit is too high. Too risky, to tell the truth!

Forex Galleon (fxgalleon.biz) offers 10% bonus for each of those who decides to make a deposit using AlertPay payment system. So, if you want to get the bonus go for it.

Good News. Top Capitalist (topcapitalist.com), Investor Words (investorwords.net), Boyle (boyleinv.com) and Paulson Investment Co (paulsoninvco.com). 4 HYIPs that managed to return from Problem section last Friday. Congratulations to all investors and the admins. This is really good news. Unfortunately, we haven't had so many "returns-from-the-dead" recently and hence having 4 of them today is even more pleasant. As for those who remained problem or closed, sorry for that, dear investors and good luck with new endeavors.

Closures. Liberty 4 Liberty (257 days), Real Invest (60 days), Hot Profit (11 days), New Trading Era (7 days), Relax Capital (35 days), Probusiness Funds (57 days), Hundfund (60 days).

HYIP Blogs.
Last Friday we let you know about the article about clicking cats on ClickSense.com posted on HYIPBlogger.com. The post was not finished then and Phil promised to complete it shortly. Obviously this article has been finished and now trying to read it to the end... i can see the following notice:

"To read full, completed review please bookmark this page to read the rest of the review later."

That sounds funny, why is it so complicated? Is there any other way for making people bookmark your posts? I bet the best solution is posting a high quality content more often that it's being done by Phil, the admin of HYIPBlogger.com. Anyway to read more, please follow this link: http://hyipblogger.com/2012/02/click-cat-on-clicksense-make-cents-3651.html

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