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Vasco is a prefix to the title which refers to the successful projects of the past meaning those that operated long enough to return a profit

Vasco, just like Nano is a prefix to the title, which refers to the successful projects of the past. Successful, meaning those that operated long enough to return a profit. I hope you havent forgotten yet that in the presentations from we talk about the main thing. And only about the main thing. So how long should VascoForex operate to bring you profit? Its difficult to say and this is a peculiarity of this project.

After all, VascoForex offers nothing but a classic non fixed income level! God, its been a long time since Ive seen such companies. Well, anyway there should be something to start out from? First of all, such an orienting point is, of course, the term of using your deposit. It is 200 days. That is, we're talking about a long-term project, and it's something we already know. But how much does it offer?

It offers a percentage of profit, which the company makes by trading your money. That's how much they offer. The results of this trade are published daily (except for weekends and holidays) on the website ( Lets imagine that we are investors who have a deposit in the minimal plan, which refers to the aggressive strategy. An investor's share for the $10 deposit (which is a minimum deposit) is equal to 40%. And now let's see how much money it is.

Yesterday (on Monday), the administration earned 1.33% profit - to be honest, this is the lowest percentage of profit for the entire month, the average one is equal to 3%. Thus, from 1.33 you will get 40%, that is, something around 0.6%. With such an interest rate, you will have to wait for almost the entire 200 days of the plan (166 days to be exact). But the average percentage of profit, as I said, is about 3%, i.e. in the minimum plan you can earn about 1.2% daily, and start making pure profit after 84 days (not calendar, but business days, of course) .

An excellent approach! I think there is no need to talk much about VascoForex because out of all projects that appeared in 2012, this is the only one that is trying to achieve success with the help of a good old "flexibility way". If there are fewer deposits � the interest rate can be reduced. Moreover, this percentage may be even cancelled (negative trading), and they may simply pay a minimum profit, amounting to 0.35%. Till now the administration has not abused this opportunity. One can only believe that this situation wont change. If they continue communicating and will develop the site, VascoForex will certainly succeed.


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